Dessert Parties at Walt Disney World

I think that dessert and fireworks might be one of the best combos in the world. I’m sitting here, racking my brain for a better combo. Chicken and waffles? Taylor Swift and music videos? Iced coffee and summer? I digress. On my last trip to Walt Disney World, when visiting with our friends at Small World Vacations, I was fortunate enough to get to experience both a firework party at Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I’m sharing what I think you need to know about the dessert parties, to decide if they’re a good fit for your family.

The view

For Epcot, the party we attended was in The United Kingdom, down by the water, under the fish and chips shop. There was ample seating at tables, or you could stand, but either way, you hand a completely unobstructed view of Illuminations. The Happily Ever After, the party was held in Tomorrowland Terrace, which is in between Main Street, and Tomorrowland. Depending on which level of party entry you buy, you either watch the fireworks from the terrace, or they take you down to the hub grass (which I think is the better view personally).

-The price tag

To attend a Magic Kingdom firework party will cost you $79 for the Terrace View, and $59 for Plaza Garden viewing. If you want to attend the firework party at Epcot, it’ll set you back $49 a person.

-The goodies

We personally thought that the desserts had a better variety, and more selection at The Magic Kingdom dessert party (plus there’s the whole fact that we like Magic Kingdom’s fireworks SO much more than illuminations). Both dessert parties were filled with good options – and I wasn’t disappointed with either. It’s definitely just dessert, and MAYBE some cheese and fruit, so don’t go expecting to replace dinner.

-Final thoughts

The dessert party is a good experience. It’s fun, and something different. It’s pricey, and it only gets pricier the bigger your family is. It’s not my job however, to tell you how to spend your money (you guys don’t tell me how to spend my money, which I bless and thank you for).