Walt Disney World’s Morimoto Asia Review

We’ve been known to have all sorts of opinions on Disney restaurants on this blog – from the surprisingly high marks we gave Hollywood Studios Sci-Fi Dine In, to the scathing review we most recently gave to The Skippers Canteen, we try to share our real opinions, and not sugarcoat things for our readers. We figure, that for many people, a trip to Walt Disney World, can be a once a year, or even a once a lifetime trip, so we want to help them spend their time (and money!) well.

DSC_9907DSC_9908We’ve shared our high opinion on this blog about the recent renovations being made to Downtown Disney, turning it into Disney Springs, and into a place that we actually want to spend time. In that makeover, Disney Springs acquired several table service restaurants, one of which was Morimoto Asia, of which we had the pleasure of dining at this past month. Morimoto Asia is cool for several reasons – for starters, it’s run by a ‘name brand chef’ (and not Wolf Gang Puck), as Chef Morimoto, from Iron Chef America, helms the direction of the restaurant. Secondly, the menu is a truly adventurous (by any standards, not just Disney standards) take on Asian-fusion food. We had high hopes for Morimoto Asia when we heard about the concept, and what the food was going to be like, and it was the reservation we were most looking forward to.

DSC_9925DSC_9927DSC_9928DSC_9929DSC_9932Walking into Morimoto Asia for the first time is a visually stunning experience. The two story dining room has long, crystal bead chandeliers that cascade from the ceiling, which everyone in the dining room has a great view of. The dining room is decorated in neutral woods, with bright splashes of reds and oranges, giving in the vibe of an understated, but upscale Asian restaurant.

DSC_9943DSC_9944With the exception of sushi (Disney does sushi WELL), we’ve never had good Asian food on Disney property. Morimoto Asia, however, executed every dish we ordered perfectly. We sampled the Tuna Pizza, the Sticky Wings, and the Duck Nasi Goreng, and they were all amazing. We kept trying to think of something we could critique, or that we would change, but everything was flawless. Something else we love about Morimoto Asia – it won’t break the bank. There’s something on the menu for almost every price point, which for the quality, and atmosphere, makes it a great value.

DSC_9947DSC_9948DSC_9950DSC_9952DSC_9956We have nothing but positive things to say about Morimoto Asia. The new restaurants at DIsney Springs are ranking very high on our list of ‘must eat places at WDW’, and right now, Morimoto Asia is at the top of the list.