The Disney Springs Resort Area

Want to stay close to the magic but running a little low on cash? WE FEEL YOU. And sometimes, it feels like there aren’t any solutions, besides trying to sleep on Splash Mountain Cory and Shawn style, and praying you don’t get caught. Well – there’s good news, ladies and gentlemen. On our last few trips, we’ve stayed in the Disney Springs Resort area – and we have NOTHING but good things to say (well maybe not nothing). Today, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of the Disney Springs Resort area, as well as where we think you should stay when you’re there.

YOU’RE SUPER CLOSE TO WALT DISNEY WORLD! Like almost as close as the on-property resorts! And you’re right across the street from Disney Springs, so if you decide to have one too many drinks on the late night, you don’t have to worry about how you’re gonna get home. These resorts also tend to have significantly lower price points than the resorts ‘on property’, and many even have a shuttle to and from the parks.

They aren’t themed. Like not even jack. Nary a Mickey Mouse, or a Goofy in sight. And while you’re definitely paying cheaper prices than those on property, if rock bottom prices are your aim, you might be better looking at AirBnB, or a motel on the strip. Also even though you’re close to property, you don’t get the benefits of staying on property, like extra magic hours – if those are make or break for you, you might rule these hotels out.

We recommend:

B Resort – this is our number one pick. The whole hotel has a south beach feel that will leave you humming Will Smith tunes, and wishing you could binge watch Jane the Virgin. It’s all white with pops of blue and green that’s both modern and leaves you feeling refreshed. The hotel can be on the pricier side BUT on occasion they run ROCK BOTTOM prices. For example, last time we stayed there, we got the room for around $30 a night.

Best Western Lake Buena Vista – this is our second pick. It’s no frills, but it’s clean, comfortable, and usually relatively quiet. The prices are usually lower than all the other Disney Springs Resorts as well.

No matter where you stay, we know you’ll have a great vacation. How could you not – you’re at Disney World.