A City Guide To Charleston, South Carolina

We’ve traveled to a lot of places, but we’ve never instantly fallen in love with a city, the way that we lost our hearts to Charleston. Charleston is a stately Southern city, that doesn’t have to try to be charming, it just is. Most cities with the kind of history that Charleston has, end up feeling touristy and not real (like the French Quarter in New Orleans). Charleston however, is charismatic, crumbling, electric, beautiful, and full of color and history. You’ll want to spend days in the city, just walking around, eating, and taking in the rows of colorful homes, covered in ivy, and behind wrought iron fences.shop my look here and here

We stayed at the cutest AirBnB I’ve seen in my life. It was on an honest to goodness farm, and the owner provided us with fresh eggs, and fresh baked bread. The bunkhouse looked like Chip and Jo decorated it, and we slept like a baby in one of the most comfortable, swinging beds we’ve ever been in. You can book the place we stayed here.

-Head down to Rainbow Row for some of the prettiest, most colorful buildings you’ve seen outside of Europe.I’m wearing blue penny loafers, and a similar dress here.
-Spend a day frolicking at Sullivan’s Island – it’ll probably remind you of Dawson’s Creek, and have you doing your best Pacey loves Joey monologue, which isn’t a bad thing.my top is here and my sunglasses are here.
-Head to The Magnolia Plantation first thing in the morning, and have the whole place to yourself. Enjoy the ponds, bridges, and gardens.my dress is here!
-Walk over to Waterfront Park and enjoy the beauty and the iconic pineapple statue.
-Take a walk down King Street, and South of Broad.

-Go to 167 Raw for the best seafood of your life, in the smallest space imaginable. Try to go during an off period – we had a 2:30 lunch, and we still were waiting for a half hour to eat.
-Our favorite restaurant in Charleston was Leon’s. Leon’s is an eclectic place, with an unforgettable patio, and Christmas lights circling the inside of the restaurant. Grab some chargrilled oysters, fried chicken, champagne, and frose.
-The Darling Oyster Bar is the restaurant from your Pinterest dreams, where you go to swoon over the decor, and stay for the fries covered in clam chowder, and raw bar.
-Go to Black Tap Coffee for a lavender latte, and a black julep, which is a non-alcoholic iced coffee cocktail.
-Head to The Daily, for croissants, coffee, and one of the best brunches you’ll find.

We loved Charleston, and we know that you’re going to love it too. Of all the places we’ve traveled to, Charleston is one of the most charming, and delightful, like sweet tea and Gone With the Wind, mixed with front porches and sunshine.