The Cabanas At Castaway Cay

TREAT YO’SELF. It’s a good life motto to live by, and one I ascribe to. You know what the ultimate treat’yo self moment is?! The cabanas on Castaway Cay. Today, we’re giving you the skinny (or the lowdown, the 411, whatever your choice of lingo might be), on the cabanas, so you can decide if they’re right for your family.You can get my hat here, my shoes here, and my sunglasses here

– They’re hard to book.
There are VERY few cabanas, and a lot of people on the boat that want them. Normally, concierge level guests snatch the cabanas up before regular guests (like us!), can get to book them, but occasionally, they show up.

-They’re expensive.
If you want a cabana, you need to be prepared to spend the money. On the family beach, you’ll spend $549 for six guests, and on the adult beach, you’ll spend $399 for 4 guests. My hat is here, my sunglasses are here, and my cover up is sold out, but a similar one is here. 

-They’re beautiful and inclusive
The cabanas are absolutely beautifully decorated, and have a lot included. They have floats, snorkel equipment, bikes, sunscreen, sodas, and bottled water. They have snacks as well.
My hat is from here, my cover up is sold up but here’s a similar one! David’s swimsuit is here, and his shirt is here! You can get my sunglasses here, and David’s sunglasses here. 
-They’re private.
You’d be amazed at how much privacy you’ll feel like you have in the cabanas. The ones on the family beach open up to a small private section of beach, and a small private cove, which is like a little slice of heaven.
So now you’re in the know about the cabanas on Castaway so you can make it rain on Disney’s private island. Live your best life, and treat yo’self.