Brunch, Earth Day, and Friends – Walt Disney World Trip Report Day 2

On our second day (and last day), of our quick weekend trip to Disney, we started our morning at our favorite park – The Magic Kingdom. If you haven’t gathered this about us yet, we don’t normally ride a ton of attractions while at Disney, we’re content to just walk around, and soak up the atmosphere of the park. Our favorite park to just wander around in, is The Magic Kingdom – there’s something extra special about this park – it can make anyone feel like they’re a kid again.20170423-LJP_542020170423-LJP_5438Hat available here!

20170423-LJP_5447We grabbed one of our favorite breakfasts, a fruit and nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow, and proceeded to wander aimlessly through the park, taking pictures of walls, and watching the Muppets perform.20170423-LJP_549620170423-LJP_552020170423-LJP_553020170423-LJP_5473

We spent several more hours doing nothing but wandering around The Magic Kingdom, before we headed to Disney Springs. We’ve been dying to try The Polite Pig since its opening, and the new ‘fast casual’ BBQ restaurant didn’t disappoint as far as cocktails or food.20170423-LJP_562020170423-LJP_562720170423-LJP_5642

After an afternoon nap (we’re the Corinne Olympos of Disney napping – whether it be back at the room, or in the Hall of Presidents), we headed to Epcot for a visit to Flower and Garden Festival. I always love Epcot, but never as much as when they have a Festival going on.20170423-LJP_569420170423-LJP_571020170423-LJP_5767

We ran into some friends at Epcot, and we headed together to meet some other friends at The Polynesian Village Resort, where we had an Ohana room service feast in their room. I was unaware that you were able to order Ohana to the room if you were staying at The Poly – which is LIFE CHANGING news.20170423-LJP_580220170423-LJP_585620170423-LJP_5826

After eating our body weight in grilled meats, sushi, and bread pudding, we met up with other friends (friends are the best part of Disney, ok?!), to have drinks at Trader Sams, followed by more drinks at The Top of The World Lounge.20170423-LJP_5923

Weekends away with friends are good for the soul. It’s good to get away from your everyday, and remind yourself that life is more than your routine.