Walt Disney World’s Top Of The World Lounge Review

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about being told I can’t go somewhere, that makes me want to go there so badly. It’s like on How I Met Your Mother, when Robin found out that she was allergic to lobster, so she proceeded to eat her body weight in shellfish. That’s how I feel about places on Disney property that I’m not allowed to go. The DVC exclusive lounges, the Club 33’s of the world – I WANT ACCESS. On our last trip to Disney, when we were with some wonderful DVC members, we jumped at the chance to check out the elusive Top Of The World Lounge.20170423-LJP_589220170423-LJP_589120170423-LJP_5889

The Top Of The World Lounge sits high atop Bay Lake Tower, as part of the Contemporary’s DVC Property. A DVC member has to check in at the DVC Top of The World desk, then they’re taken to an elevator where they, and their guests are taken to the 16th floor.20170423-LJP_589820170423-LJP_5902

The Top Of The World Lounge has a modern, contemporary design, with nods to retro Disney, with vintage illuminated sketches. They have an observation deck, similar to the one at The California Grill, but it also includes views of The Contemporary, as well as The Magic Kingdom and Bay Lake.20170423-LJP_590420170423-LJP_591820170423-LJP_5919

We settled into a secluded part of the lounge, and ordered drinks, appetizers, and the famous seven layer cake. The cocktails were fantastic, but the CAKE was a work of art. I would come back for the cake alone – it’s several layers of heaven, mixed with more layers of angel tears. The appetizers were mediocre (which breaks my heart to write), but we would consider this to be the top late night drinks and dessert place on property if you can get in.20170423-LJP_592220170423-LJP_5924

Bottom line – we loved The Top Of The World Lounge – we would buy the t-shirt, foam finger, and drink coozie. It’s a great place, that makes for great evenings.