Wearing a Costume to Mickey’s Not So Scary

Headed to one of the last Mickey’s Not So Scary Parties this year before Halloween? Good. You’re gonna have a blast. One of the best parts of the party is dressing up. What other excuse does a grown ass adult have to dress in costume? (None. The answer is none). So what do you dress up as? Well, today, we’re here to answer those pressing life questions.

Something comfortable
You’ll still be in a theme park, and still be walking quite a bit. In other words, dressing up in the Britney Spears, red spandex get-up from the ‘Oops I Did It Again’ video might not be the most comfortable decision when you’re trying to get from Space Mountain to Frontierland.

Something cool
No matter what party you go to, it’s probably going to be sweltering hot and humid. I would keep that in mind when picking a costume – it’s probably not best to wear something that’s going to make you wish you could go home and take an ice bath.

Something Disney
Sure, you could dress up like a Minion, but you are going to a party at DISNEY. We’ve done everything from Peter Pan, to Minnie Mouse.

At the end of the day, you’ll have fun no matter what you dress up as – but maybe leave the full Yeti costume at home.