I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now, but we love food.. It’s just us, and Antoni from Queer Eye, hanging out, talking about how we should put avocado on absolutely everything. Today, we’re listing our favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World – we understand, that this is a controversial, highly debated list – but it’s our blog, and our opinions. So please please please, don’t send us hate emails. It’s just food – there’s way better things that you can be mad at us about – like the fact that we don’t recycle regularly, have the habit of eating way too much frozen pizza, or get incredibly emotionally involved in The Bachelor.

-The Edison
We’ve talked about The Edison quite a bit, but we just can’t say enough good things about it. Part club, part restaurant, part 1920s steampunk speakeasy of my dreams – if you’re 21 and up, this needs to be part of your trip.

We adore Boma. We think it’s the best buffet at Walt Disney World, bar none, plus you get to visit the incredible Animal Kingdom Lodge. You get to sample African inspired food that even the pickiest eater will like, but the most adventurous eater will be satisfied too.

-The California Grill
Half of the appeal of The California Grill is the experience. You are whisked by private elevator to the 13th story of The Contemporary Resort, where you have floor to ceiling window views of Bay Lake and The Magic Kingdom, as well as huge balconies you can watch the fireworks from. The food is incredible as too, with some of the best sushi you’ll ever try.

At the end of the day, dinner at Ohana is just a lot of fun. I think, in Heaven, people will be walking around with giant sticks of endless steak and shrimp. It’s just a theory – but it’s a solid one.

-Monsieur Paul
This is the best food at Disney World, hands down. Head upstairs to the nicers of the two French restaurants in the France pavilion, and prepared to be wowed.

Homecoming has stolen our hearts lately. One of the many new restaurants at Disney Springs, it’s affordable, fantastic, and has incredible cocktails. Sometimes we go in for a drink, sometimes we pop in for a late night meal, but it’s always great.

-The Boathouse
We probably go to The Boathouse at least once a trip. We love their relaxed, dockside bar with views of the water, and incredible drinks. They have an amazing menu, with all kinds of price points. We’ve eaten their super cheap filet mignon sliders for MANY meals, and highly recommend them.