Walt Disney World’s The Polite Pig Review

I’m a bit of a BBQ snob. I blame it on my Texas roots – if there’s one thing that Texans understand, it’s good BBQ (and good tacos, but that’s besides the point). So when I heard about The Polite Pig opening at Disney Springs, I was cautiously optimistic. I was optimistic, because I’ve adored every new concept that Disney Springs has rolled out. I was cautious, because what was Florida going to teach this deep Texas girl about BBQ?20170423-LJP_568920170423-LJP_567420170423-LJP_562720160624-LJP_5438

We headed to the Springs on our last trip for an early lunch. The Polite Pig is what Disney calls ‘fast casual’, and is considered the next generation of quick service food. You order from a counter, but then a server brings your food to the table, and it counts as a quick service on the dining plan. The restaurant is perfectly decorated, being a mix of classic BBQ joint, with brick walls, mixed with modern seating and glass.20170423-LJP_559920170423-LJP_560220170423-LJP_560320170423-LJP_5605

We chose to sit at the bar to eat, and try some of their cocktails (they’re all on tap). We were at first a little nervous about the idea of cocktails on tap, instead of being mixed by the bartender, but they were FANTASTIC. I had the vodka lemonade, which I expected to be like vodka with Minute Maid, but instead, turned out to be homemade sparkling pink lemonade infused with vodka. David had an old fashioned, which he said was great.20170423-LJP_560820170423-LJP_561920170423-LJP_562020170423-LJP_5613

We shared brisket, with mac n cheese and brussel sprouts. Before our food came, we made a trip to the sauce bar, for a sampling of four of their different BBQ sauces. Everything was amazing, reasonably priced, and easy to share (it was a TON OF FOOD). So bottom line, this is a great place to grab a quick bite and good cocktail.