Five Most Romantic Spots At WDW

Ever heard from countless people in your life that Disney World is just for kids? YOU DON’T NEED NEGATIVE PEOPLE LIKE THAT BRINGING YOU DOWN. It’s like Oprah, Obama, and Maya Angelou always say – haters are gonna hate. We, are of the personal opinion, that Disney isn’t just for adults, but is a romantic escape that will help keep the flame a’burnin in your relationship. Today, we’re compiling a list of our favorite romantic spots on property for you to enjoy with your loved one.20161203-LJP_8188

1. The Beach At The Polynesian Village Resort
We have a Polynesian Village Resort complex – we love it, we dream about it, we go there just to hang out. The beach there is a great romantic spot to take a sunset, or late night stroll. We love to grab some sushi at The Kona Cafe, then some drinks on the patio at Trader Sam’s, then head down to the water to watch the fireworks with a view of The Magic Kingdom over the water.20170423-LJP_586720170423-LJP_5825LJP_0269

2. The Balcony At The California Grill
The California Grill is a romantic restaurant to begin with, but it’s even better when you take in a fireworks show, or even just the stunning views of Bay Lake and The Magic Kingdom. Grab dinner, or just a cocktail in the lounge first, for a date night you won’t forget.20170423-LJP_589820160916-LJP_093720160916-LJP_0965

3. The France Pavilion In Epcot
It’s no secret that France is our favorite pavilion in Epcot. We love ALL the restaurants here (especially the phenomenal, tucked away Monsieur Paul). What we really love though, is grabbing a pastry from the pastry shop, and waiting for Epcot to close, and for the people to clear out. We sit on the fountain, and just take in the atmosphere, while we share dessert.20161231-LJP_0210DSC_011520161203-LJP_7922

4. The Boardwalk
The turn of the century boardwalk, part of The Boardwalk Resort, and across the lake from the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, is a great place to grab a shared ice cream cone from Ample Hills, and take a romantic walk.20160917-LJP_115720161203-ljp_7816

5. The Hub Grass in The Magic Kingdom
Quite possibly my favorite place at Walt Disney World – The Hub Grass is prime Walt Disney World real-estate, with Castle views. David and I will grab a midnight snack of Casey’s Corn Dog nuggets, and watch The Kiss Goodnight together, shutting down the parks, and sharing the magic of the park together.20160917-LJP_147120170302-LJP_3325

If you’re looking for some romance at Walt Disney World, those are our top picks for a romantic spot to stake out with your loved one.