Has anyone else ever watched Anne of Green Gables? Not the new one on Netflix – but the old one, with the perfect Gilbert Blythe, that lasts like 14 hours. I love it so much – it’s the perfect, frilly, romantic sick day film. That movie, gives me the same feeling that The Grand Floridian Resort does.

Disney’s Flagship Resort celebrates everything romantic, victorian, and turn of the century. It’s gorgeous – with sprawling, manicured grounds, and Bay Lake views of Cinderella’s Castle. The Resort is inspired by the famed Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, white it’s white buildings, and red roofs. The grand, multi-strory lobby normally has either piano, or big band music playing.

The rooms are understatedly elegant, with soothing pastel colors, and pintucked elegance. They’re calming, and restful, and many of them have views of the lagoon. What truly sets the hotel apart, is the level of guest service. I was once told by a Cast Member that ‘Grand’ stands for ‘guest requests are never denied’ – now I don’t know if that’s an old wives tale or not, but it feels true. It especially felt true, when I called housekeeping at midnight to ask if they had razors, and within five minutes, someone was at my door with a razor, two bottles of lotion, and shaving cream, ON A SILVER TRAY.

Another outstanding difference of The Grand, is all the great dining differences at the resort. If you’re in the mood for date night, or fine dining, you can check out Narcoossee’s, or Citricos. If dining with Cinderella is on your list, we always recommend 1900 Park Fare, for it’s far more reasonable price point than Cinderella’s Royal Table. The quick service at Gasparilla Island is all fantastic, and we recommend taking it to one of the outside tables for views of the yachts.

All in all, I love The Grand, and highly endorse it. It’s hard to justify its hefty price tag though, unless you either own Disney Vacation Club (in which case, we recommend buying via resale, to make it even more affordable), or renting DVC Points.