Twenty Things You Don’t Know About Me

1 – I can’t work without background T.V. on. I don’t really watch it, but I need the noise to work.

2 – I can’t whistle.

3 – I hate stressful television shows or movies. You’ll never find me watching Game of Thrones or anything where people die.

4 – I love group workout classes like Title Boxing or Hot Yoga, but HATE paying that much money a month for something I feel like I could do on my own.

5 – I re-read all the Harry Potter books at least once a year.

6 – I was such a big reader as a kid that my parents would ground me from my library privileges instead of TV or friends.

7 – My favorite perfume is Glossier You.

8 – I can’t walk in heels (and never willingly wear them).

9 – I was never allowed to go Trick or Treating as a kid, and I’m still a little butt hurt about it.

10 – My first job was working at a pool at a country club – I was inspired by High School Musical 2 to apply!

11 – I get REALLY into holidays and seasons – it’s my dream to live in a town like Stars Hollow.

12 – Italy and France are my favorite countries.

13 – If I wasn’t a blogger, I would want to be a writer at a magazine.

14 – My favorite drinks are grapefruit La Croix, espresso tonics, Californian Pinot Noir, and jasmine green tea.

15 – I’m terrified of flying (which probably makes my career choice ironic).

16 – We’ve gotten together with friends to watch the Bachelor almost every week for over five years.

17 – The school I graduated high school from closed down the year I graduated – I’m not even sure if that makes my diploma valid?

18 – I’ve been 5’7 since middle school. I was always the freaky tall kid, then I just stopped growing. 

19 -I’m always more comfortable spending a lot of money on travel than clothes.

20. Salty food > sweet food.