The Notebook Tour of Charleston

Guys – I have a confession to make. I don’t love The Notebook. Honestly, my taste in love stories runs much more along the lines of Jane the Virgin than Nicholas Sparks. But, not a fan of the movie none-with-standing, even I can recognize that the visuals and scenery in the movie are stunning. Last time we were in Charleston, we spent some time in some of the places they filmed the movie, so I wanted to put out ‘The Notebook’ tour of one of our favorite cities.

The American Theater

Just maybe don’t lay down in the middle of the road – because, you know, death isn’t cute.

Boone Hall Plantation

This was used as the exterior of Allies’ house. The plantation is beautiful and worth the tour.

Cypress Gardens

This is one of our favorite things we did in Charleston. You can take your own rowboat out on the swamp where the iconic swan scene was filmed. Just be for-warned, it’s BYOS (bring your own swan).