Aulani is next level expensive. I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s one of those places that is so easy to spend money, plus the cost of getting there, and room fees. With the less expensive rooms starting at $600 a night, and airfare to Hawaii being exorbitant, it’s easy to think that Aulani is only for millionaires and reality stars. Today, we’re sharing ways to make it affordable, so you can cross it off your bucket list.

-Have a rental car
Having a rental car will save you a ton of money. Food options are Aulani are delicious – but they’re also limited, and a ton of the cheaper food places close early. Having a rental car will vastly expand your dinner options, and more than make up the cost of renting the car, with how much money you’ll save.

-Rent points
Renting someone else’s DVC points will help you find a room at Aulani for half price. We recommend DVC Rental Store, which is how we booked our room.

-Do your own excursions
You can book excursions through Aulani, but you’ll pay extra for the convenience. If you plan your own excursions, you can shop around, and find a better deal.

-Buy in
If you plan on making a lot of Disney trips, buying into the Disney Vacation Club on resale, can save you a ton of money (almost half!). We always recommend DVC Resale – Nick and his team are professional, and great at customer service.

-Get there free
We almost never book airfare unless it’s with miles. We have a couple of American Airlines credit card, and are in the process of getting an Alaskan Airlines card. We are huge proponents of NOT going into credit card debt – seriously, pay your bills guys. But we think that you should use credit cards for purchases you’re already going to make, to build miles.

-Split your time
Aulani is fantastic – but it shouldn’t be all you see in Oahu. We spent two days there, and then spent the rest of our time in Waikiki and The North Shore. You can find way cheaper accommodations at other places on the island.

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