Our Guide to Milos, Greece

Milos is my new favorite place in the world. I expected to LIKE Milos, but I wasn’t expecting to LOVE Milos. If you can only go to one place in Greece, we hands down recommend it be this beautiful island. Milos is the perfect mixture of adventure, adorable Greek fishing villages, and the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen. Today, we’re sharing our favorite places to eat, play and stay in Milos.


Hotel Milos Beach Resort

We loved this hotel. With its own private beach, stunning views, great free breakfast, and newly remodeled rooms, we will for sure stay here again when we come back.



-Jordan’s Meating Place

-Gyros of Milos

-Aggeliki ice cream shop



-Take a boat to Kleftiko.

-Firiplaka Beach

-Firapotomas Beach

-Rent a quad

-Tsigrado Beach

-Klima Village

-Plaka Village

-Fourkovouni Village

-Mandrakia Village

-Sarakiniko Beach