Our Farewell To Wishes

There are few things I love at Walt Disney World more than Wishes. Wishes, the fireworks show at The Magic Kingdom, is perfectly timed to music, narrated by Jiminy Cricket, and framed by magical views of Cinderella’s Castle and Main Street U.S.A. I preach progress, and change, as far as Walt Disney World goes – saying that the parks need to keep growing, and changing – adding new attractions, and replacing old ones, even though it’s human nature to grow nostalgic over certain things. A great example of this is Maelstrom – Maelstrom, formerly of the Norway pavilion, was one of my favorite attractions growing up. But when they announced they were replacing it with Frozen Ever After, I knew that it was a great change for the parks in general. The inclusion of characters in Epcot, will make it easier for families to spend whole days in that park in general. So we chalk it up as a good change. Wishes, however, has been a bit harder of a pill for us to swallow. WE LOVE WISHES. It’s probably the only thing, in any of the parks, that we make a priority to see on every trip to Disney. It’s equal parts whimsical, family friendly, magical, and romantic. While we’re sad (and by sad, I mean curled up in a corner, listening to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion”) to see it go, we’re optimistic about what a new show could add to The Magic Kingdom. If Disneyland Forever, is any indication of what Disney can do with modern technology, when cooking up a new fireworks show, then we’re completely onboard. Today, though, we’re photos dumping on you, all of our Wishes pictures – an homage of sorts to Wishes, as a send off to our favorite show. So for now, we bid you farewell, dear friend, as you come to an end in May.