Must Eat Foods at Disneyland Pt 1.

Disneyland has turned some of their iconic foods into an empire. We see people wearing Dole Whip t-shirts, and buying churro air-fresheners. People passionately argue which of the parks trademark food is the best, insisting that their camp is right (we side with the Dole Whip camp, for those that are wondering!). We’ve decided to eat our way through Disneyland’s more popular foods so that we could compile a list of the ones we thought were the best (because we’re selfless like that).


1. Dole Whip

Dole Whip is the clear Disney miracle. This pineapple dream disguised as soft serve ice cream is light, fluffy, and tastes like heaven. The only thing not miraculous about Dole Whip is the insanely long lines, at all times of day, that wrap around the only stand at Disneyland that sell the drug. Here’s a pro-tip though – there’s a hidden inside line at the Tiki Juice Bar that is sometimes considerably shorter.


2. Mickey Shaped Beignets

I love all beignets, as evidenced by my Cafe Du Monde obsession, but I have a special fondness for them when they are shaped like MICKEY MOUSE! You can find these powdered sugar covered lovelies at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square. They come three to an order, in a white paper bar so you can shake the powdered sugar all over, and evenly distribute it.


3. Matterhorn Macaroon

Stop by the Jolly Holiday Bakery, and pick up this sort of cookie-sort of cake- bundle of coconut cream and whip cream – mountain of deliciousness. If you hold it up outside, you’ll swear it looks exactly like the Matterhorn Ride it was named after.


4. The Monte Cristo

My husband compared this sandwich to a donut, and I can’t blame him. You can get this Disney classic with cheese only, or ham, and then they deep fry it, and serve it with raspberry jam. Our server, brilliant man that he is, also brought out a side of vanilla sauce. This sandwich is delicious, and NEEDS to be shared, as it is very filling. You can get it as several places, but our favorite is Cafe Orleans.


5.The Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

This is our favorite sandwich at Disneyland, and you can find it at our favorite quick service restaurant, The Hungry Bear. We love The Hungry Bear, because it’s supremely atmospheric and relaxing. Nestled upon the river, with views of the canoes, and the pirate ship, it’s a great place to grab some shade, and sit for a while.


There’s so many foods at Disneyland that have developed a cult following, that we’re going to have to cut this list into two parts. Disney was the first theme parks to try to make their food really good, instead of just passable. Let us know what your favorite Disney treat is!