Mickey’s Not So Scary Guide for 2018

It’s no secret that I love Disney hard-ticketed events. Yes, they cost extra money on top of your already expensive park tickets, but what they offer in exchange is incredibly high in our opinion. If you go on a night that’s not as crowded (normally a party date in September, on a weeknight), then the park is SIGNIFICANTLY less crowded. Plus, with the parades, fireworks, shows, and special character meet and greets, all add to you having one of the best nights of your trip in the park. We’re breaking down what you’ll find at this years party, to help you best plan your time there.


There’s special food available at every party, as well as trick or treating. We’ve never been ones to waste valuable party time trick or treating, but if gathering candy is high on your priority list, you’ll have no trouble gathering a ton. Instead of trick or treating, we like to focus on the special snacks offered – this year, there’s three that we recommend.

-Candy Corn Ice Cream

You can buy Candy Corn Ice Cream at Galactic Goodies, in either a cone or cup. It’s a mostly vanilla flavor, with just the mild flavoring of candy corn. It’s the perfect treat for a night that’s hot and sticky, like most autumn nights in Orlando.

-Muenster Smash Burger
I had low expectations for this burger from Cosmic Ray’s (honestly, I was just getting it for the black bun and tater tots on it), but it was DELICIOUS. I was definitely recommend it for your party dinner pick.

-Pumpkin Cheesecake
Stop by the Main Street Bakery for this sweet and seasonal treat that’s topped with a sugar Mickey.

-Maleficent Ice Cream
Storybook Treats has this lime soft serve, in a black cone, topped with chocolate horns. It’s refreshing and perfect for a hot night.

-Caramel Stuffed Pretzels
This salty and sweet treat was the favorite of our whole group – you can get them from Golden Oak Outpost.


This is a hard ticket event. That means that you have to purchase it separately from your annual passes, magic your way tickets, etc. I know that might seem unfair, but A LOT is offered at the party that isn’t offered during regular park hours. It’s not cheap, so one way to make it more affordable is to consider doing one less day on your park tickets, since you can get into The Magic Kingdom with your Not So Scary Ticket starting at 4 pm. Consider spending your morning at Disney Springs, The Boardwalk, or Resort Hopping.


Hocus Pocus Spectacular
THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. This, in my opinion, is the epitome of what Disney entertainment should be. Funny, friendly enough for families to watch, but mature enough that adults will find it hilarious. The show is filled with good music, great pyrotechnics, and tons of villains. It’s the perfect stage show for Halloween.

Boo To You
Boo To You might be the best parade that Walt Disney World does. I slightly prefer the Christmas parade, based on my own Holiday biases, but objectively I can say that Boo To You is better. It’s an absolute must see for any Disney fan – and the only place you can see it is from a Halloween Party.

HalloWishes, like Boo To You, can only be see at a Not So Scary Party. It’s a phenomenal show and shouldn’t be missed, especially since it includes 360 degree fireworks. The only thing better than a Disney fireworks show, in our opinion, is a Disney 360 degree fireworks show.

Special Rides
During the party this year, you can ride Space Mountain in the complete dark, with a spooky soundtrack. You can also take a spin on the Teacups, which will have new music and lights. During the party, Pirates of the Caribbean will also feature live pirates.

Most people’s priority when going to the Halloween Party, is meeting Jack and Sally. They have a HELLA long line – so if it’s a priority for you, come prepared to wait. They are interactive, and do spend a good amount of time talking to each person, which is a lot of fun.

One of the best parts of Not So Scary is the ambiance. The Magic Kingdom comes alive during Not So Scary, with Halloween music, projections on the castle, lights dancing on the buildings of Main Street, eerie smoke, wolf howls, and the clock of Guest Relations running orange. It’s Disney Magic at its best – and something that I think everyone should experience.