Mickey’s 90th Pop Up Art Exhibit in NYC

Guys, I have a confession to make. I don’t love museums. Like, any museums at all. I read a Harry Potter book while David looked around the Louvre, and snacked on croissants while he was at the Orsay. I yawned my way through the MET, and was dragged to the MOMA. I know that this makes me completely uncultured and that you’re probably throwing things at the screen as you read this, but it’s the truth.

While I might not like museums, I recently had the BEST experience in New York, at Mickey’s 90th Art Exhibit. The exhibit is 16,000 square feet showcasing how Mickey Mouse has influenced art, culture, and media. Every room is different and fun, with some of my favorite showcasing the Mickey Mouse Club, and another showcasing Mickey Mouse merch throughout the decades.

I don’t know if you really need any other reasons to go, but you also receive complimentary Ample Hills ice cream while you walk through the exhibit, and then you can show exclusive merch to the exhibit.

If you’re going to NYC, we HIGHLY recommend going to this pop up (also, it’s just a few steps from Chelsea Market, which is a must do as well.