How We Handle Rainy Days at WDW

Here’s the thing about Florida in the summer and fall – it rains almost every single day. I know that’s not the happiest thought in the world, but it’s what’s going to happen. It doesn’t need to effect your vacation though, if you’re prepared for it, and have a plan. The good news though, is it almost never rains all day – normally just for a few hours in the afternoon. Today, we’re sharing how we deal with the rainy season in the parks, to take one more thing off your plate when planning your WDW vacation.

-Power Through
A lot of people will tell you to spend rainy days at Disney Springs, and while we’re not inherently against this advice (we love Disney Springs), it’s not a great rainy day activity. Disney Springs doesn’t offer a lot of rain protection, as you spend a lot of time heading store to store, and restaurant to restaurant (all while in the rain). You’re better off grabbing an umbrella and rain jacket, and being in a park.

-Avoid Attraction Light Parks
We try to go to parks like The Magic Kingdom, or Epcot when it rains. The Magic Kingdom has more attractions than any other park, and Epcot has more indoor attractions, especially around World Showcase, where you can avoid the rain. Many of Disney’s attractions still run when it rains, but our personal experience has shown us that Hollywood Studios and The Animal Kingdom don’t have as much rain coverage.

-Dress Appropriately
In the summer and early fall months, we always pack an umbrella and rain jacket in a backpack for the parks, and wear sandals that dry out easily.

-Avoid the Afternoons
We’ve found that normally storms roll in and out in the afternoons, so we tour the parks in the morning, then nap in the afternoons, and head back for the evening hours.