There are restaurants that everyone tells you to go to when you go to Disney. People rave about ‘Be Our Guest’, and ‘The California Grill’. Some people, even recommend ‘Chef Mickey’s’, which blows my mind. But after your first few trips to Disney, and you’ve hit up ‘Ohana’ multiple times, maybe you should branch out and try something new. Today, we’re sharing our five favorite underrated restaurants, that are great, but don’t get as much attention as they should.

-The Plaza Restaurant
The Plaza sits on prime Magic Kingdom real estate (right at the end of Main Street!), and almost always seems to have an open reservation. For years, they were plagued with reviews of poor food, but on our recent visit, the food was great. We highly recommend you get their loaded cheese fries, and you can send us thank you notes after.

-Monsieur Paul
This isn’t just my favorite restaurant at Disney, it’s my favorite restaurant in the world. The food is pricey, and you’ll get the best value if you have a Deluxe Dining Plan. The ambiance, cuisine, and service, are like no other though.

-Cape May Cafe Breakfast
I feel pretty ‘meh’ about a lot of character meals at Disney. Cape May is an exception – their character breakfast is not just a ton of fun (characters in beach wear!), but the food is fantastic.

-The Grand Floridian Cafe
The fact that this restaurant doesn’t have a line out the door all the time is a crime. The most affordable of any of the restaurants at The Grand Floridian, it’s both romantic (like anything at the GF), delicious and affordable.

-The Wave
Last time we were at The Wave, they let us know that it’s one of the healthiest restaurants on property (they don’t even have a fryer!). It’s also delicious, and you get to enjoy the atmosphere of The Contemporary.

We know you’ll enjoy these restaurants (if you have taste buds and good taste) – and we hope trying something different will enjoy your trip.