Grand Marshaling at The Magic Kingdom

One of the things we get more questions about than almost anything else, is Grand Marshaling at The Magic Kingdom. For those that don’t know what that is, the Grand Marshal is the family that’s chosen to ride in the car before the afternoon parade, wave at the crowd, then given a special seat for the parade. We’ve been INCREDIBLY fortunate to be chosen twice – now, before you send us angry emails, being chosen is super random. It’s not because we’re bloggers, or APs, or holding the guy that plays Pluto hostage somewhere (which we aren’t – for those that are wondering).

Each time we’ve been chosen though, the same thing has happened. We were hanging out on Main Street, in the morning, and talking with a Cast Member. The first time we were talking about the trees on Main Street (no joke), and the second time, I was with some girlfriends, talking about how big of Disney fans we were, and the Disney merch we were wearing. Neither time where we in a huge rush to get to an attraction, nor did we ask about being The Grand Marshal. It’s totally random, so I can’t give you any advice on how to get chosen, except to talk to Cast Members on Main Street in the morning, and be friendly.

After you’re chosen, you’re given a spot to meet later in the day, and then given special mouse hats with ‘Grand Marshal’ written on the back. A photo pass person is there to take photos before, and during your time on the parade. Your spot to view the parade is great, and you get to interact with some of the characters.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have gotten to do this amazing experience at Walt Disney World. Again, it’s 100% random – I wish we could tell you that there was a trick or secret, but it’s just chance.