Five Beauty Staples

If I could only have five beauty products, it would be these five. (Thankfully, no one’s making me choose – you know those girls that wake up pretty? Yeah that’s not me). If I had to try to live a life of minimalism though, I would scale back my giant supply of beauty products to these five things though.

-A Good Dry Shampoo
You know what’s overrated? Washing your hair everyday. I’m all about washing your hair once every four or five days, and a quality dry shampoo lets me do that. I love this one and this one.

-A Lasting Under Eye Concealer
I have dark circles under my eyes for days. Like, I look like I’ve been punched. But the good news, is I’ve found a couple of heavy duty under eye concealers that last all day, and can cover up anything. I love this one and this one.

-A EyeBrow Pomade
Can we all take a minute to be grateful that the tiny eyebrows we were all sporting in the early 2000s is no longer in style? Since brows are back, a good pomade is mandatory, and this one, and this one do the trick.

-A Heavy Duty Moisturizer
Dry skin is the worst – I love this moisturizer for the day, and this one for night.

-A Signature Fragrance
I’ve always loved having different fragrances that I can associated with different times of my life – I wore this one all last year, and I’ve been wearing this one all of this year.