Our Favorite Meals to Meal Prep

Guys can I admit something? We’re all friends here by now, right? Like, you KNOW ME. You know about all the coffee, and all the reality tv, and how I would rather read a trashy teen novel than a great American classic. Well can I also tell you that I’m the world’s laziest cook. Like I try so hard to care about my health – and I do – I PROMISE. But like gets so busy, and it just gets so easy to grab Chipotle, or frozen Trader Joe’s instead of making food. Meal prepping saves our lives – like it’s so much easier if there’s already food cooked in the fridge to have something healthy, than if it’s 8:30 at night and you’re starving. We’re sharing some of our favorite, EASY, no fuss, affordable meal-prep recipes today, so you can put down the pizza box, and feel a little better about yourself this winter.

Make Ahead Burrito Bowls:

We model our burrito bowls after what we get at Chipotle (I have a Chipotle problem). We roast veggies, make rice in a rice cooker in big batches, chop lettuce, make pico, grill chicken, and get out corn and beans. We put it all in individual plastic Tupperware containers, so it’s ready to just grab.

-rice and beans base

-corn and pico

-grilled chicken

-chopped lettuce

-sour cream and avocado (added the morning of!)


Breakfast Protein Bites:

These tiny morsels of goodness taste just like cookies but they’re healthy. You would swear you’re Hannah Montana because you feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds. I usually eat one for breakfast, or a midday snack. They’re SO easy to make. Throw all the ingredients in a food processor, form the dough into balls, then stick them in the fridge. It’s seriously that easy.

-rolled oats

-chia seeds

-flax seed

-chocolate chips

-maple syrup

-protein powder

-almond butter


Healthy Chicken Salad:

I LOVE a good chicken salad. Probably more than anything in this life, except for Gilmore Girl’s reruns and Trevor Noah comedy routines. It’s not the healthiest dish in the world though. We lighten ours up with Greek Yogurt, and mustard, instead of mayo, and then serve it with celery and cucumbers. This recipe is SUPER easy.

-cook a whole bag of chicken breast in the oven

-chopped two cups of walnuts

-chopped two cups of grapes

-chopped two cups of celery

-one cup of greek yogurt

-one half cup of mustard

-salt and pepper to taste

-combine all ingredients, and add more mustard and greek yogurt if too dry for your liking!)


Grilled Chicken and Veggies:

These couldn’t be more simple. We honestly just head out to our grill and take as many veggies as we can get our hands on (we love making foil packets of brussel sprouts, and french green beans!) and several bags of chicken, and do all of our grilling at once for the week. We then separate it into enough containers to eat on for days.


Greek Salad and Hummus with Pita

Celebrating meatless Monday? We love a good vegetarian Greek salad, with hummus on the side. Sometimes we make our hummus, or if we’re short on time, we buy it from Trader Joe’s.

Our Greek Salad has:


-Black Olives

-Green Olives

-Feta Cheese


-Red onion

-Olive Oil

-Red Bell Peppers


We get our pita bread and hummus from Trader Joes!


This might be the laziest post on meal prepping you’ve ever seen – but you’re a busy person, that has better things to do than slave over a kitchen all day. You’re an important person, with important things to do! So if we can make your life even marginally easier, WE ARE HERE FOR THAT!