Epcot’s Soarin Around The World Review and Tips

I’ve probably ridden the original Soarin at Disney World more than any other ride. Not because it’s my favorite, but because growing up, my father considered Soarin to be the pinnacle of Disney entertainment, the creme de la creme of what WDW had to offer. I have vivid childhood memories, of my 6’4 father, running through the crowds at rope drop, determined to be the first person in line at at The Land, something he affectionately called ‘The Soarin Dash’, while my mother shouted at him to slow down. Children, elderly, strollers – nothing could slow him down, as he ran towards his beloved favorite ride.


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I love Soarin too, I just don’t have the same level of devotion. I enjoyed the beautiful imagery, and the scents that were piped through, but I wasn’t going to say that it was my favorite attraction at Disney. I was thrilled, however, when they announced that they would be turning ‘Soarin Over California’, into ‘Soarin Over The World’. As someone who LOVES to travel (guys, my interests are super limited), this excited me more than almost any announcement Disney has made.

We got to ride the Soarin’s new look this summer, right after it had opened. Some quick specs – for starters, there’s now a third screen of Soarin, which is going to cut down your wait time SIGNIFICANTLY. The Soarin Dash is a thing of the past, and so are those 70 minute wait times. Also, all my love to the old Soarin, but remember how the old screen would get a little grainy? The new one is super high def and BEAUTIFUL.

20160625-ljp_606920160625-ljp_6071We understand that there’s a lot of people out there that have a hard time when Disney changes anything. They loved what was old, and it was apart of their Disney memories and experience, and they want it to stay the same. I get that. There was a large part of me that thought about chaining myself to ‘One Man’s Dream’, while riling up the picket lines with signs about not destroying classics. But even Walt himself knew that the parks would always be changing. If we allow ourselves to get too attached to what was, we we never allow ourselves to love what is. Now that I’m stepping off my soapbox, and praying you don’t throw things at me, let’s go back to Soarin.

20160625-ljp_6072 20160626-ljp_659020160626-ljp_6585WE LOVE SOARIN AROUND THE WORLD. Legitimately, it might be one of the most moving, beautiful, Disney attractions I’ve experienced. It brought me to tears (twice), and made me understand why my father ran to the ride, knocking people out of his way, for so many years. It very well might be my new favorite attraction on property, and one I can’t wait to experience (with newly lowered wait times) for years to come.