Best Cheap Eats At Walt Disney World

We know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that the title of this blog is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing as cheap food at Walt Disney World. EVERYTHING AT DISNEY WORLD IS SUPER EXPENSIVE AND ONLY BAZILLIONAIRES CAN AFFORD TO GO THERE A LOT. Actually, David and I, have found, the more we go, that many of the people who go frequently, are everyday people, with everyday incomes (like us!). When we got our first annual passes, David was still in college, and I was a bartender.

-Lobster Bisque, France, Epcot
This soup is a gem – you can find it in the French bakery, and it can easily be made into a small meal, or a large snack. It’s also one of the best uses of a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan that there is. It’s also the same soup that you can get at Le Chefs De France, but for a fraction of the price.

-Ham and Cheese Croissant, France, Epcot
This is $4.75 of happiness. It might be one of the cheapest, most filling lunches you’ll find on Disney property. Take your French picnic to the fountain’s edge for a proper Parisian experience.

-Chicken Fried Rice, Animal Kingdom
GUYS – it’s only $3.99. Yes, you read that right. A box of chicken fried rice, that you can easily make into lunch or dinner, is super duper cheap, delicious, and comes in a cute take out box.

-Dole Whip Float, The Magic Kingdom/The Polynesian Village Resort
This is one of Disney’s most iconic snacks for a reason – no trip, in our opinion, is complete without a Dole Whip, or Dole Whip Float. The fact that they’re inexpensive is just the cherry on top of the…ugh Dole Whip. Pick yours up at either The Magic Kingdom, or The Polynesian Village Resort.

-Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich, France, Epcot
We’re back in France (I can’t stay away from France in real life, and I can’t stay away from the France pavilion in Epcot), but this time we’ve visiting the delicious ice cream shop. They have seasonal ice cream macaroons that are not only affordable, but your mouths new bff.

-Mickey Ice Cream Bar, EVERYWHERE
It’s a scientific fact, backed by years of data and research, done by a lot of really boring guys in lab coats, that food tastes better when it’s shaped like Mickey Mouse. I don’t know what exactly they do to Mickey Ice Cream Bars to differentiate them from normal ice cream bars (I suspect magic and crack might have something to do with them), but they truly are fantastic.


-Corn Dog Nuggets, Casey’s Corner, The Magic Kingdom
Corn Dog Nuggets have reached cult status among WDW fans. Plus, David and I love them personally, as they’re our go-to late night dinner – we grab them right before the Magic Kingdom closes, and eat them on empty hub grass together. It’s one of our favorite Disney traditions – and an affordable one too!

-Nachos, Mexico, Epcot
David and I love to share a plate of Nachos in the Mexico Pavilion, with a side order of Guacamole added on top. We find that with the extra protein added, the nachos are big enough to be a meal that the two of us split, making it a super cheap dinner for the two of us! Plus you can’t beat the views from Mexico’s Quick Service Restaurant.

-Hawaiian Pork Nachos, The Polynesian Village Resort
The pork nachos at Captain Cooks are our go-to snack before we grab drinks at Trader Sam’s (where we think the food is overpriced, and not that great). These nachos are delicious, filling, and a great affordable dinner.

-Burger and Fries, D-Luxe Burgers, Disney Springs
We think that D-Luxe Burgers at Disney Springs is the best deal on burgers and fries, as far as quality to price, on property. The food is delicious, and the prices are on par with other quick service restaurants (even though the burgers taste gourmet). Take your food out out to the patio and enjoy the ambiance.

Eating at Disney World doesn’t have to require a trust fund, or a second mortgage. There’s affordable options for you and your family, that are still delicious, and we hope today we’ve made it easier to identify some of them.