A Planning Guide to San Francisco

Are you watching Full House re-runs? Are the last few bars of ‘whatever happened to predictability’ playing in the background? Are you ready to feel like Mia Thermopolis? If you answered yes, to all of these questions, then you’re ready to start reading our planning guide to San Francisco. We recently got back from this beautiful, charming, eclectic city, and fell in love with it. We had two days to spend in the city known for stealing hearts, and it was just enough time for us to be ready for a return trip.

We stayed at Hotel Pier 2620 and loved it. This modern boutique hotel featured large rooms, with modern decor, concrete walls, and an amazing location. Most of the cities best attractions were only a short walk, or short Uber ride away. Plus, the hotel is super affordable, which is always a win in our book.

20161120-ljp_4519 20161120-ljp_451820161120-ljp_4517Play:
There are SO many fun things to do in San Francisco. A lot of people will tell you to avoid tourist attractions, but we’re basic. Let’s be honest – you’re not going to go to go to San Francisco and not ride a cable car, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Just because something isn’t obscure, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking it out. EMBRACE YOUR BASICNESS. Some of our favorite things in San Francisco, include the following.

Golden Gate Park:
Golden Gate Park is huge, and beautiful. We like to think of it as the San Francisco equivilant of Central Park. We recommend stopping by the Japanese Tea Garden while you’re there.

20161121-ljp_494520161121-ljp_494220161121-ljp_4928Bakers Beach:
This unique beach has incredible views of Golden Gate, and is a great place to take a walk.

20161121-ljp_480420161121-ljp_4797Fishermans Wharf:
Let’s be real – you’re not going to be to San Francisco without stopping by the iconic Wharf. Don’t spend too long at this touristy spot though. We think you should just stop by for a bread bowl full of chowder, and to see the sea lions play.

20161120-ljp_456820161120-ljp_456320161120-ljp_4542The Mosaic Steps:
These iconic steps are a work of art (and a great instagram stop!).

20161121-ljp_498920161121-ljp_498420161121-ljp_4980The Walt Disney Family Museum:
Guys – did you really think that we wouldn’t mention this? Do you know us at all? We LOVED getting to see the art, and the artifacts, from Walt’s life – including the bench that the thought up Disneyland on!

20161121-ljp_484320161121-ljp_484220161121-ljp_4840The Painted Ladies:
These Historic Victorian Houses are an integral part of San Francisco’s architecture. We loved taking in the view from Alamo Park.

20161121-ljp_476220161120-ljp_468920161120-ljp_4648The Marin Headlands:
Not only is this the best view of Golden Gate Bridge, but it’s also one of the most naturally breathtaking places we’ve ever been. To escape the crowds, avoid the first two stops, and keep driving up.

20161121-ljp_499620161121-ljp_504220161121-ljp_501620161121-ljp_501020161121-ljp_5004The Cable Car Line:
Are you really going to go to San Francisco and not ride a historic cable car? It’s a fun, if not touristy way to get from one way to another.


Wrecking Ball Coffee:
Do you like drinking artesian coffee with adorable pineapple wall paper in the background? ME TOO! This place is gourmet, without being pretentious, and has adorable outside seating for nice days.

20161121-ljp_474120161121-ljp_474020161121-ljp_4736The Codmother:
This place looks like a tourist trap, but it’s on Yelps Top 100 restaurants – and Yelp is essentially the restaurant Bible to me. We tried it, and MY GOD THIS FOOD TRUCK IS AMAZING. Go get the Fish and Chips, and thank me.

20161121-ljp_488420161121-ljp_4880Mr. Holmes Bakehouse:
People start lining up for Codmother (croissant muffin hybrids), an hour before they put them out at 9 am. After you try a bite, you too will be a believer, and stand in whatever line you’re asked to stand in. The other pastries they have are great too, with us especially loving the churro croissant.

Feeling adventurous? Check out this Mexican Korean Fusion restaurant (and take some Tums with you!). We highly recommend the Korean tacos!

Del Popolo:
This romantic, dimly lit, high end pizza place is a great place for a date – and they have a great wine list!

20161120-ljp_472620161120-ljp_4727No matter how you spend your time in San Francisco, we know you’ll love the city as much as we did!