What’s In My Make-Up Bag This Spring

I switch up my make up fairly seasonally (really, it’s just prying the glitter eyeliners and eyeshadows out of my hands once the holidays are over). Today, I’m sharing on the very important subject of ‘what’s in my make-up bag for spring’ (I know, everyone’s dying to know).

-Lid Star by Glossier
I’m a Glossier fan-girl. They take make-up staples, and make them 100% better. They recently released their eye shadow line – it’s a cream, that turns into a shadow. It’s lasts all day, even without a primer, and doesn’t crease. It glows, without being glittery or shimmery, and is easily build-able.

-Super Pure By Glossier
As I get older, my skin actually gets more problematic (am I supposed to admit that? Am I supposed to pretend that I’m eternally 22 and living in a Taylor Swift song? Yeah, no – I’m 28 and my skin is hating me more by the day.) I started using Super Pure recently – you put it on after you wash, and before you moisturize, and it makes a night and day difference in your skin.

-NYX Total Control Foundation
As the weather gets warmer, I stop wearing more expensive foundation, and get a couple of shades of something cheaper and mix them depending on how tan I am. I love this one, because it’s full coverage, but doesn’t look too heavy.

-Mac Pro-Longwear Concealer
This is the best under-eye concealer in the world for dark under eye circles. I’m a life-long fan, and won’t switch to anything else.

-Glossier Cloud Paint
There’s blush is full proof, lasts all day, and is beautiful (and never looks powdery or cakey!).

-CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara
I only wear eyeliner for special events, so I normally just put on mascara – this one is my favorite, because the super skinny brush is so easy to use.