Walt Disney World’s Kona Cafe Review

I love feeling like I’m in the know. You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’re in on a secret? That’s the best. Well for some reason, that I can’t figure out, The Kona Cafe, still feels unknown to the masses. Sure, it has it’s champions among the Disney die-hards, who harold it’s merits, and talk on the internet about its greatness. But still, it’s never hard to get a reservation, and most times, you can even get a walk-up seating for a meal.


I’m here, to do my part, to try to help bust the Kona Cafe out of obscurity, and into the rightful place it deserves. THE KONA CAFE IS AWESOME. On the second floor of The Polynesian Village Resort, with a relaxed atmosphere, that now includes views of beautiful lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the lobby. We love to dine at the Kona Cafe for any meal, as they shine at all times of day. We think they have the best breakfast on property, with legendary Tonga Toast, and our favorite, coconut pineapple macadamia nut pancakes. They also have a french press, featuring 100% Kona Coffee, which will make all your caffeinated dreams feel like they’re coming true. This is our favorite place on property to have a leisurely brunch, after we’ve hit a few early morning attractions at The Magic Kingdom.


The Kona Cafe shines equally as bright at dinner time, when they serve family friendly dishes, with a Polynesian flair. They have great price points, that will be friendly to your wallet as well. They have an extensive sushi menu, which we think is a fantastic alternative for those of us that can’t afford sushi at The California Grill on a normal basis. We would also be remiss to not discuss their amazing bread service – they serve a sweet Hawaiian roll, with honey macadamia nut butter, that I am borderline obsessed with.

The Kona Cafe is our favorite respite from the crowds, heat, and fight to grab a table at the coveted ‘big name’ restaurants. We think you will love it, and be forever among its crowd of loyal fans.