Walt Disney World’s Boma Review

The Animal Kingdom Lodge does no wrong in our eyes. When people make off putting comments about its location, or it being too remote for a Deluxe Hotel, we just hit them with a ‘bye Felicia’, because AKL IS CLEARLY WITHOUT FLAW IN ALL ITS WAYS. We might go a bit overboard in our AKL love, but this beautifully themed resort, with its phenomenal dining options, has won our hearts.

One of those amazing dining options, is our favorite buffet on property, Boma. Boma, loosely translated, means ‘you will eat heavenly food until you hurt all over’. But that’s just a rough translation. In all seriousness, wear your stretchy pants and big t-shirts for this buffet – as its one of the only ones on WDW property where the focus isn’t characters but the excellent food.

LJP_0023LJP_0028LJP_0025LJP_0024Boma is known for combining innovative African inspired dishes, with friendly enough flavors that even picky palettes will enjoy the spread. Also, the service here is top notch (and by now you guys know how we feel about service). To give you an example of the quality of service, they didn’t have the butternut squash soup the day we were there which is my favorite, so the chef made me some! Now this might not always happen, and if it didn’t happen, it’s obviously okay, but it was incredibly nice of them to do.

Boma is famous (in a Kylie Jenner, King of Instagram kind of way) for their fresh take on salads. Normally we do a hard pass on most salads at buffets, but here, it’s almost the main attraction. I have to control my gluttony and try not to get several plates of just salad.
The carving station with all the different sauces is equally fantastic and should not be skipped. (We did mention wearing stretchy pants, no?)

Dessert is a main attraction, as this is one of the only places on property that you can find the dessert of the gods – ZEBRA DOMES. If Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships, Zebra Domes launched ten thousand.

Run, don’t walk, to your computer to make a reservation for Boma for your next Walt Disney World vacation. You won’t regret it.