Walt Disney World Monorail Crawl

We all know that ‘Drinking Around The World’ at Epcot is a thing (and by a thing, I mean that people have t-shirts, fan clubs, and tournaments dedicated to it. But do you know about the lesser known, but no less important pass-time, of drinking around the Monorail? We think that drinking around the Monorail beats drinking around the World for several reasons. For starters, it doesn’t require park tickets. BROKE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, REJOICE WITH ME. Secondly, you get to ride a monorail, instead of having to walk after a few drinks. Now that I’ve made my case, let’s lay out your plan for the night.

1. The Mizner Lounge, The Grand Floridian
Start your evening with some class, and excellently prepared, classic cocktails. We sampled their cosmopolitan, and gin mojito while listening to an orchestra play big band music and munching on the complimentary snack mix they provide. You can also chose to order appetizers from the kitchen that they share with Citricos.

20160917-ljp_125120160917-ljp_124520160917-ljp_124120160917-ljp_123020160917-ljp_122920160917-ljp_122120160917-ljp_121820160917-ljp_121420160917-ljp_120520160917-ljp_12012. Trader Sams/Tambu Lounge, The Polynesian Village Resort
Your stop at The Poly is two fold. For one, no monorail crawl is complete without a stop at Trader Sams. Grab some of the best drinks Disney has to offer, while chanting Uh Oa, Uh Oa, Uh Oa Oa Oa! Trader Sams is the bar that you wish you’d thought of – so immersively themed that you feel like you’re in a different place while you’re there (and it’s not just the drinks making you feel that way). Before you leave The Polynesian, head upstairs with a buddy, and split a Lapu Lapu, which is a hollowed out pineapple filled with two kinds of rum and tropical fruit juices. If we were ever stranded on a deserted island – this is the drink we’d want to be drinking.

dsc_8741dsc_0113dsc_8761 dsc_9529dsc_9527dsc_95243. The California Grill Lounge, The Contemporary Resort
This is a must-stop on your list, just for the simple fact that you can experience The California Grill, without a reservation. We love the ample bar seating here, where you can watch the Chefs prepare sushi, or the lounge tables that can accommodate bigger parties, with their beautiful views of Bay Lake, and The Magic Kingdom. We aren’t the biggest fans of the mixed drinks here, (or the fact that we’ve never had good service at The California Grill), but we do love their wine list, and AMAZING FOOD. Fun tip – no matter what time you enjoy a drink at the bar, you can come back and enjoy watching Wishes on The California Grill’s balcony.

20160916-ljp_093720160916-ljp_095720160916-ljp_094920160916-ljp_094420160916-ljp_0988 20160916-ljp_095820160916-ljp_096520160916-ljp_0962This, in our minds, is an ideal Monorail Crawl. In it, you’ll hit all three resorts, get to sample something from everyone, eat amazing food, drink good drinks, AND WATCH FIREWORKS. I’m not really sure what else you could ask for from an evening.