Top 5 Epcot Table Service Restaurants

Epcot is synonymous with food. Eating around the world is on t-shirts, and posters. People have made it into a game, and I daresay, someday it will be an Olympic sport (and maybe the only thing I will ever medal in). There’s all kinds of ways you can partake in ‘eating around the world’. You can eat snacks, quick service meals, or food at festivals. You can also eat at table service restaurants, which is where the focus of our blog will be today. We’re listing our favorite table service restaurants in Epcot for you to partake in, because we like eating, and we like lists.

5. The Coral Reef, Future World
Only one restaurant on our list is from Future World (aka a culinary wasteland, in most regards). Despite Future World’s culinary shortcomings, we think The Coral Reef is essentially perfect. We think that a Disney restaurant needs to incredibly themed to rank high on any list we make, and The Coral Reef gives you the opportunity to EAT IN AN AQUARIUM. The incredible ambiance (I repeat, they make you feel like you’re Ariel, dining in her magical underwater Kingdom), combined with the menu changes they’ve made recently have us as raving fans.

4. Le Chefs De France, World Showcase

We love all the restaurants in the France pavilion, and it would be wrong to leave the ‘1-credit on the dining plan, affordably priced, looks like it was plucked off the streets of Paris’ option off our list. Le Chefs De France isn’t the best French food you’re ever going to have (though it might be the best French onion soup), but it’s solid, affordable, and scores incredibly high for ambiance and theming, especially if you can snag a table at night.

DSC_6140DSC_6154DSC_6157DSC_6151DSC_6150DSC_61453. La Hacienda De San Angel, World Showcase
We’re from Texas, and we’re suckers from Mexican food. This place has great food, and also boasts incredible window views of Illuminations. Try to book a table so that you can watch the fireworks while you dine for an incredible Disney memory.

DSC_0099DSC_0174DSC_0110DSC_0107DSC_01052. Le Cellier, World Showcase
Le Cellier is a divisive subject. Many consider it to be the best steakhouse at Walt Disney World. Many others consider it to be overrated, and not worth all the hype and praise it gets. We fall in the middle. We think if you go into the restaurant expecting cherubs to feed you your steak, while fairies dance around the table, as you have the most glorious dining experience of your life – you’ll probably be disappointed. If you go into Le Cellier expecting a good meal, in a great ambiance, you’ll leave happy. Order the beer cheese soup, eat some pretzel bread, and enjoy a good filet. This is still one of Disney’s most solid restaurants.

DSC_5661DSC_5658 DSC_5662DSC_5671DSC_56651. Monsieur Paul, World Showcase
This is Disney’s least heralded, best restaurant, and we take every chance we can to shout it’s praise from every rooftop we can find. Give me a soap box, and i’ll stand on it. This place is THE BEST, WDW has to offer, and is worth every penny. It’s not just the best meal we’ve had at Epcot, it’s the best meal we’ve had anywhere, combined with the best service, and incredible atmosphere. Take a date for an anniversary (or just a fancy Tuesday night if you want), you won’t regret it.

DSC_0326 DSC_6536DSC_6538DSC_6541DSC_6542
That’s our completely biased and one sided opinions on the best table service restaurants in Epcot. We hope it makes it a little easier for you as you book your Advanced Dining Reservations. Let us know what makes the top of your lists!