Tips for Rainy Disney Days

You’re in the happiest place on earth, taking a trip you’ve planned for, and dreamed of for months (or maybe years), and it decides to typhoon part of (or the whole time) that you’re there. Hopefully, this won’t happen, but it is Florida, and rain is just ironically part of the deal in the so called ‘Sunshine’ state. Rainy days don’t have to be a deal breaker for fun at Disney World though – as the saying goes, a rainy day at Disney World is better than a sunny day at home. We’ve put together our tips for making the most of stormy weather at the Mouse’s Kingdom, so you can enjoy the gloomy weather, instead of letting it get you down.

1. Pack For Rain

No rain in the forecast for your trip? Great! Pack for it anyway. Florida is fickle, and the weather can change on a dime. Do yourself a favor, and go ahead and pack ponchos and umbrellas before you get to the parks. It will save you money, and the hassle of getting soaking wet by an unexpected storm hitting the parks. We always take some kind of protective covering (umbrellas, etc.) into the park in a backpack, so that we aren’t caught off guard by a sudden shower.

2. Visit Indoor Attractions

Disney World has so many attractions that can be visited indoors (the only trick is getting from attraction to attraction while staying dry!) You’ll hear many people tell you to head to Disney Springs, or to catch a movie during the rain. Unfortunately, this advice doesn’t make much sense to us. While we love Disney Springs, and think you should visit Disney Springs during your trip, and movies are great, you booked a trip to DIsney World to see Disney World. Some of the indoor attractions we recommend are:

The Magic Kingdom:

The People Mover

The Country Bear Jamboree

The Carousel of Progress

Under The Sea -Journey of The Little Mermaid

The Hall of Presidents

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Peter Pan’s Flight

Pirate’s of The Caribbean

Haunted Mansion


The American Adventure

O’ Canada

Impressions De France


Living With The Land

Frozen Ever After

Reflections Of China

Hollywood Studios:

The Tower of Terror

The Voyage of The Little Mermaid

Beauty and The Beast

Rockin Roller Coaster

*We do not recommend visiting The Animal Kingdom in the rain – this is a mostly outdoor park that is best to be visited on a dryer day.

3. Have The Right Clothes

If there’s rain in the forecast, wear things that will dry quickly – including shoes! Shoes that will dry quickly are a good bet. If I’m wearing tennis shoes and socks, I usually throw a pair of flip flops in my backpack, just in case my shoes end up getting soaked.

4. Resort Hop

If the rain is too much for you to handle, consider resort hopping. Visiting Disney Deluxe Resorts that you aren’t really staying at is a cherished pastime in the Disney community. If you don’t want to brave the storm, spend some time living like the top 2%, without having to pay top 2% prices.

5. Enjoy The Smaller Crowds

Lastly, realize this truth – rain drives people out of the parks. You’ll encounter some of the lowest crowds when storms hit, so if you’re willing to head out into the storms, you’ll be rewarded with low wait times.

We know that experiencing unfavorable weather on a dream vacation can be disappointing, but it doesn’t have to derail you trip if you don’t let it. We hope that our tips will help you make the best of stormy weather at the most magical place on earth.