Things Happening in Disney in 2018 We’re Excited About

I have a love hate relationship with the coming of a new year. For starters, it means Christmas is over. But it also means that a new year is coming, and with it all the promise and hope that a new start brings. Every new year, David and I sit down, and plan all we want to accomplish in the coming year. We talk about the business, but we also plan out all the trips we want to take (my favorite part!). We’re super excited about some things that are happening at Disney this new year, and can’t wait to see what the parks do with it.

-The 2nd Festival of the Arts

We’re incredibly excited to see what Disney does with its second Festival of the Arts. Last year, we enjoyed the festival, and thought it had a lot of potential – we’re excited to see how Disney grows and expands it this year.

-The opening of Toy Story Land

WE CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS. Coming Summer 2018, one of the first big steps to the makeover of Hollywood Studios, is the opening of Toy Story Land. We have such high hopes for this, especially after the opening of Pandora in Animal Kingdom, and all that it did for the park.

-Pixar Fest in Disneyland

Starting in April, Pixar Fest will celebrate friendship, and have a new nighttime spectacular called ‘Together Forever’. The new nighttime show will even include a flying Buzz Lightyear. Paint the Night will head to DCA, and Pixar Play Parade will head to Disneyland.

-Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure

Paradise Pier will be transformed to Pixar Pier – which we’re both excited and nervous about. Paradise Pier is our favorite part of DCA, and we’re sad to see it change, but are sure that Disney will change it in a way that keeps it both whimsical, and charming.

We think this is going to be a great year in general, but especially a great year for Disney fans. We’re so excited about all the changes that are coming, and can’t wait to experience them.