The Best Drug Store Skin Care Routine

I love a good bargain. LIke, almost more than anything. There’s a reason that my favorite food in the world is dollar gas station tacos. I LOVE TO SAVE MONEY. I mean, sometimes I’ll shell out the dollars on something expensive, but when I see bloggers talking about $100 moisturizers, I just can’t relate. If it can’t be found on the shelves at Target, you probably won’t find it in my beauty regime. Today, I’m sharing my favorite skin care routine, and the whole thing can be found at Target (or Walmart, if you aren’t blessed enough to live by a Target).

-St Ives Green Tea Scrub OR St Ives Coffee and Coconut Scrub
I exfoliate every day, and alternate between these two scrubs. The green tea scrub is great if I happen to be breaking out, and the coffee and coconut scrub is super energizing, so I love to use it in the morning.

-Cetaphil Daily Face Wash
I use the Cetaphil to take my makeup off, and to wash my face in the morning. It’s the gentlest face wash I’ve ever used, so I don’t have to worry about it drying my skin out.

-Olay Moisturizer with SPF
This is my favorite morning moisturizer – it has SPF 15 in it, so if I happen to be wearing a foundation that doesn’t have sunscreen, or no makeup at all, I still have sun protection for the day.

-Ponds Rejuveness
Guys, I’m gonna be 30 in two years. I’m still debating whether or not my cake is forever going to say 29, but in the meantime, I’ve started using this as my nighttime moisturizer – it’s cheap, and I love it.