Renting A Stroller At Walt Disney World

Guys – I have a confession to make, that might make you not like me anymore. I’m not proud of it, and I don’t wear it like a badge of honor – but I’m not good with children. I have a reputation amongst my friends with children of being a kid ‘passer-offer’ – saying that I never hold their kids for more than five seconds, before I pass them to the next person. It’s not that David and I don’t want kids someday, it’s just that we know that time isn’t now. However, we love YOU – our READERS – and many of you guys have kids! One of the questions we get asked most often, is about renting strollers (aka Magic Kingdom battering rams) for your trip to WDW. We’ve put in the elbow grease, and done the research, to help you figure out where your next stroller rental should be from.20160625-LJP_602920160625-LJP_625220160626-LJP_636020160626-LJP_6445

Renting At Disney World:
Want to rent directly from the Mouse himself? Right now single strollers will set you back $15 a day, or $13 a day if you reserve for multiple days. If you need a double stroller (double, double, toil and trouble), you’ll shell out $31 a day (that’s a steak!), or $27 for multiple days. All our friends on the Disney World parenting committee (a completely imaginary organization) have told us that while it’s convenient to not have to lug a stroller around anywhere but the parks, these strollers are made of hard plastic, which for some reason, kids don’t find super comfy. They also lack in storage, and are HELLA expensive (again, all the steak you could buy!).20160916-LJP_082020161203-LJP_819920170101-LJP_045120170101-LJP_064620170301-LJP_3189

Having A Stroller Delivered:
With our vast experience, taking children to Disney World, we recommend having a stroller delivered. (Just kidding -we have no experience, just a lot of common sense). We always recommend using Amusement Park Rentals – so your kid can roll around in a sick ride, and you can save money. Amusement Park Rentals will deliver your stroller to where you’re staying for free, and pick it up. You’ll pay $60 for a double stroller rental for a 4-7 night trip, You can rent a single stroller for a 4-7 day trip for $55. With all the money you save, you can treat your family to a character meal at The Crystal Palace, and think of me fondly while you’re dancing with Tigger. When you’re booking, either use the links above, or our code BUCKETLIST – that is, if you like us at all, and want us to be able to stay open, and keep on bringing you content. (We’re kidding, kind of – direct hate mail to [email protected])20170301-LJP_320720170302-LJP_350320170302-LJP_360920170303-LJP_4205

So, clearly, we have the totally biased, completely unfounded opinion that you should have a stroller delivered instead of renting one at Disney World. But that’s only if you want your kid to be comfortable, and you want to save money. If not, do whatever – what do we know, we don’t have kids.