Packing for Europe

I am not the poster girl for excellent packing. I don’t use those cute little packing cubes, and I don’t put outfits in individual bags. And terrible, somewhat stylish blogger confession ,- on the way home, I shove everything in the bag in the most haphazard fashion possible, and pray that it closes. But I do pack OFTEN, so I consider myself knowledgeable. Europe is one of my favorite places to pack for (it’s really just my favorite, bread filled place in general). My first time going, I was filled with questions about WHAT to pack. What kind of clothes did I need? So I’m compiling some packing tips, as well as basics that you will always need for Europe.David’s coat is here, and his scarf is here. 


-It’s colder year round than you think it is.
Our first two trips were in what was considered summer from where we are from (late May). We weren’t expecting cold weather on the first trip, but it was FREEZING, and I ended up doing emergency shopping for tights, leggings, and a jacket at H&M. Even if you go in the summer, pack a jacket, a few sweaters, and some leggings.

my hat is here, a similar shirt is here, and similar pink shorts are heremy favorite leather jacket (I always recommend investing in a piece like this!)

-People dress more nicely in Europe
You almost NEVER see people in shorts and t-shirts, and when you do, it’s American tourists. People always ask us if we feel safe travelling in Europe, and we always say ‘YES’ in all capital letters, and bold underlined font. I know a lot of people feel overly concerned about pickpockets in other countries, but if you don’t look like a tourist, you’re way less likely to have any trouble.

-Wear comfortable footwear, but not tennis shoes
There’s a lot of cobblestones in Europe, so the stilettos should stay in your closet, but that doesn’t mean that tennis shoes are a good option either. Once again, people dress way more nicely in Europe – we always pack nice flats and yellow cardigan is here!

Packing essentials:

There’s a few things that I always take with me, no matter what time of year I go to Europe, or what country I go to.

A solid colored peacoat
a black leather jacket
good walking booties
comfortable flats
several dresses that I can layer with
-several solid colored cardigans
leather leggings (I’m obsessed with these – they go with top, sweaters, and cardigans).
several sweaters
a few light weight tops

We hope our packing list helps you figure out a good place to start packing for your European adventure!