How I Find Balance In My Life

To be really honest with you guys, one of the things I’ve struggled with most since quitting my job to be a full time blogger a few years ago was finding space for balance in my life. My life is SO different than it used to be – so much of my time is spent online, on social media, travelling, eating junk (it’s for the blog, right?!), taking photos, and planning trips, that it’s easy to get pretty in my head and not leave space for stuff that’s really important. I learned pretty quickly that if I don’t incorporate balance into my life in all areas, I crash pretty quickly on all levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Today, I’m sharing what I’ve found works for me to find balance in my life, between work, friends, social media, and marriage.

-Go offline
So much of my job in on social media, that one of the biggest things that’s been good for me, is to not have a personal social media. I think social media is great, and has its place – but I love being able to leave my phone at home, or in my room, and live in the moment.

-Don’t eat like I’m on vacation
When we travel, we eat whatever we want, whenever we want (it’s for the blog, right?!). We have adopted a super different eating style at home, to feel better, and healthier in general. I don’t eat meat most days when we aren’t travelling, and try to be as healthy as possible.

-Make church a priority
Guys, can I be real for a second? I would lose my mind if it wasn’t for our church. They are the most good hearted, encouraging, community minded group of believers. Being involved in something that’s not about me, and not about my business is so healthy for me – it brings such a sense of balance and purpose to my life, and helps me keep perspective on something besides myself.

-Find an exercise routine that works
I obviously don’t workout while we travel, but I work out five days a week when we’re home. To quote Legally Blonde – “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.” But in all seriousness, having a regular workout schedule makes my life feel more organized.

-Have friends that can be honest with me
So much of living a social media life is the highlights – but what I really love is having friends that will stick with you through the low points that aren’t pretty enough to put online. One of the biggest ways I find balance in my life, is by having friends that can be honest with me about the not so pretty, not so instagrammable parts of life.