Hollywood Studio’s Frozen Summer Fun 2015

Can your kids just not seem to get over Frozen? Are the last few bars of ‘Let It Go’ still haunting your sleep? The bad news is that Disney doesn’t seem to be slowing the Frozen train down anytime soon, with an official Frozen sequel coming out, and a highly controversial ride opening in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion soon. (Lets be real, we should just rename it the Arendelle Pavilion at this point.) The good news is that Hollywood Studios is throwing their ‘Frozen Summer Fun’ party again this summer, and we are happy to report that we found it to be significantly better than last year. We left last years party pleased, but not overwhelmed with any offerings but the firework show. This years revamped offers include the following;

1. A Reworked, Miniature Parade
Though not technically billed as a parade, in essence, it’s what it is. They offered one last year to, but this year it’s been reworked to a much more thought out, well rounded offering. The floats have also been re-done to an extent and are more impressive. Last year we found it to be a little boring, while we really enjoyed it this time around. There are two showings, with the second one being significantly less crowded. We showed up about fifteen minutes before it was supposed to start, and where able to get a curbside seat. We highly recommend viewing the show from in front of the new Starbucks, as it will give you one of the best vantage points.


2. A New Home for a Silly Show
So the ‘For the First Time in Forever’ Sing-Along isn’t going to win any musical or story-telling awards. But it is a show that I genuinely enjoy, and it makes me laugh, a la the same way that Jungle Cruise does. It’s been moved into the same theater where the American Idol experience was held, and it’s a much better venue for this performance. If nothing else, the last five minutes of this show, with Elsa singing ‘Let It Go’ (what else?), while fog, snow, and foam rain down on the audience, make it a worthwhile experience.


3. One ‘Cool’ Fireworks Finale
We might all be tired of hearing the music of Frozen everywhere we go, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best soundtracks Disney has put out in years. (They seem to know it, too, judging by the way they’re beating this horse to death.) The score is made all the more beautiful when accompanied by a beautiful fireworks show, and ending with snow flurries that would feel realistic if it wasn’t 95 degrees outside. I love all Disney firework shows, but I have a soft spot for ones that take place at Hollywood Studios — and this one is the leader of the pack for me.


So don’t forget to pack your child’s Elsa dress this summer — (who are we kidding, it’s already in the suitcase), and enjoy the second year of Hollywood Studios Frozen Summer Fun. Bring some earplugs for the adults, and let your children sing ‘Let It Go’ at the top of their lungs. May we all join together in hopes that the sequel doesn’t have a song near as catchy.