A Guide To Seaside, Florida

When David and I are road tripping to Disney World (which is more often, than not) we love to stop and stay for the night on the beach. One of our favorite beach getaways, in the small town of Seaside, Florida. Seaside looks like it was plucked out of every Nicholas Sparks novel you’ve ever read, and dropped into the quaintest, most picturesque escape you can imagine. We love this town, because it allows us to completely go off the grid, and unwind. There are very few places that we consider ‘vacations’, and not work (since this blog is my job – a very fun, rewarding, WONDERFUL job, but still my job), but Seaside is one of them. Today, we’re putting together a guide to Seaside, so you can know all about our favorite spots to check out, while you’re enjoying your beach vacation.

You’ll have so many options for eating when you’re in this area, but there’s a few standout options, that we, as champion eaters, think you need to check out.

The Perfect Pig:
This adorable restaurant is great any time of day, but it’s our favorite lunch spot. They have the BEST sandwiches and fish tacos in town, and is a must for any trip.

Amavida Coffee and Tea:
Want to try the best triple cappuccino of your life? Look no further than this beachside coffee shop, which is also a great place to grab breakfast.

You’ll have your pick between vacation homes, hotels, and condos to stay at during your trip to Seaside, but there’s only one place that we recommend – Vacation By The Beach. Vacation By The Beach will be able to rent you a condo, cottage, or beach home for your beach getaway, and it’ll be beautifully furnished, with price points that can work for almost any budget. They have great locations, great customer service, and some of the best value you’ll find.

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Sundog Books:
This is quite possibly my favorite book store I’ve ever been to. Rows, and rows, of old books, and hard to find books, were haphazardly stacked, making it a treasure hunt to find something special. This place just seemed to drip magic, and dust, and stories. I left with a copy of Anne of Green Gables, with a beautiful, painted cover, and a Paper Source Calendar.

Seaside Beach:
Seaside Beach is just a short walk from restaurants and stores, but feels miles away, with Florida’s signature blue green water, and wide sandy beaches.

20161228-LJP_937120161228-LJP_9393Seaside is a special place to David and I – it’s where we go to relax, unwind, and feel like we can forget the pressures of the world. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.