Five Halloween Foods You Shouldn’t Miss At Disney.

There are few things I love more than I love to eat. If eating was an Olympic sport, I would be Michelle Kwan (or, if you’re a younger demographic reading this, Gabby Douglas). I often joke that I’m not sure if I know how to be friends with people who are gluten-free as a choice, instead of some kind of terrible allergy,  because I’m not sure what we would talk about if the conversation of bread is off the proverbial table. Today, we took our stomachs and investigative ability to sample all of the Halloween goodies at Disney California Adventure, so we can share with you the five you can’t miss (it’s a hard job, I know, but someone has to do it.)

-Slow Burnin’ Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cone from Cozy Cone. 

It’s pretty hard to make Mac N Cheese, food of the gods better than it already is, but during Halloween, the Cozy Cone serves up a spicy version in a black bread cone that’s amazing. 

-Minnie Witch and Vampire Mickey ice cream bar at Clarabelle’s

Unless you have a thing where you hate adorable desserts that also happen to be delicious, these spooky hand-dipped ice cream cones should be high on your list. 

-Spider silk macaron sandwich from Clarabelle’s

This was a bit of a dark horse for us, that we weren’t expecting to love as much as we did. This chocolate macaron had a black cherry ice cream, and pop-rocks for fizz and crunch. It was one of the best desserts I’ve had anywhere, not just at Disney. 

-Spicy pepper jack cheese stick from Corn Dog Castle 

Everyone knows that Disney puts some kind of magical substance in their corn dog batter that keeps you addicted to the parks, and this special twist on a Disney classic is no exception. Filled with melty-cheese and the perfect amount of spice, share this with a friend for a perfect snack. 

-Poison appletini from the Carthay Circle

You know the best part about being an adult, besides getting to decide to take a spontaneous weekend trip to Disney? Getting to drink seasonal martinis in the name of research. This twist on an apple martini is made with whiskey, and has a poison apple glow cube you get to keep. 

A big thank you to Visit Anaheim for collaborating with us on this blog!