Disney’s New Beauty and the Beast Themed Bar

There are a few things that I love more than going out for cocktails in a classy setting. I love getting to put on a cute outfit, and sip on something delicious in a swanky setting. The whole thing makes me feel like a character off of Gossip Girl – you know, apart from the whole top 1% and being crazy dramatic part. Recently, we got to try some drinks at Disney’s new ‘Enchanted Rose’ bar.

The ‘Enchanted Rose’ is the new bar at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, that’s themed after Beauty and the Beast. Taking the space where Mizner’s used to occupy, this new bar has had its critics, saying it’s overpriced, and not elaborately themed enough. We disagree with those critics though, and today, we’re gonna tell you why.

One of the things that Disney really excels at is theming. When they want to go all out on theming, they do a great job. I think a good example of this, at least as far as Beauty and The Beast goes, is the ‘Be Our Guest’ restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. This works really well, because it’s a theme park, and theme is expected. With The Grand Floridian though, it’s a luxury resort. Yes, it’s themed, but I don’t think when you’re spending over $600 a night on a room, that something that looks like it belongs in an animated movie belongs. But, that’s just my opinion, and I digress.

The Enchanted Rose is subtly themed, but it’s still stunning. It has a giant chandelier that’s supposed to look like Belle’s dressing, and small touches, like Mrs. Pott’s hanging out on the shelf.

They have several drinks that are made table-side, which is a really cool experience. Those two cocktails are opposites, one being called ‘Love’ and the other ‘Envy’.

Next time you’re looking for a fun date night at WDW, make sure to check out The Enchanted Rose, for an experience that’s mildly Disney, but completely classy and fun.