Disney Springs The Edison Review

My dream time period to live in, is the 1920s. Maybe it’s a deep love for The Great Gatsby (both the movie and the book), or maybe it’s just a love for sequin dresses and feathers. I was thrilled when I heard about The Edison at Disney Springs – a 1920s themed restaurant, bar, and club, that has some of Disney’s only legit nightlife.

The restaurant is beautiful, managing to combine steampunk and 1920s speakeasy vibes, in a ambiance that’s both classy and fun.

After 10:30, the restaurant becomes 21 and up, and the entertainment begin. The entertainment cycles through cabaret dancers (they’re very mild, but fun), a lounge singer and band, and an arial contortionist. There’s also a dance floor.

The atmosphere and entertainment is so good, that the food and drinks could suck, and it would still be a fun time. The food and drink DOESNT suck though – in fact it’s fantastic. The cocktails were well mixed and delicious, and the food is innovative, unique, and really good.

All in all, we can’t recommend The Edison enough. Everyone in our group agreed it was one of our favorite Disney nights ever.