The title of this blog feels a little like an oxy-moron (and I’m sure I’ll get the emails about it!). Sure – staying Club Level at a Deluxe Walt Disney World is never going to be as affordable as say, staying off property and eating off property. We take VASTLY different trips to Disney, depending on the trip. Over New Years, we stayed Club Level at The Grand Floridian. This past month, we crashed at a friends house, and at a lot of our meals at a gas station (how did we not know that WAWA was so amazing?!). But if you’re already planning on staying at a deluxe resort, might it be worth it for you to stay Club Level? Today we’re going to look into it.

I’m going to use The Polynesian Resort as an example – The Polynesian is one of the most expensive resorts on property, but also one of the most popular. It has great ambiance, great real estate (on the monorail, directly across from the Magic Kingdom!), and great dining options. I would like to note, since we chose one of the most expensive resorts at our example resort, a less expensive Deluxe Resort, such as The Animal Kingdom Lodge, or The Wilderness Lodge, will have lower prices.

Last year, in 2017, base prices for November 10th-12th for The Polynesian were as follows, per night. $618 for a Standard View room, $849 for a Lagoon View Room, $867 for a Club Level Garden View Room, and $927 for a Theme Park View Room. I’m not going to try to argue that these aren’t crazy prices, because they are. But clearly, there’s a market for them, because prices just keep going up. My point though, is not the prices, but the PRICE DIFFERENCE, between the standard room and garden view club level room. It’s a little over a $200 dollar difference, which for a couple, wouldn’t save money. BUT, if you’re a family of five, which can comfortably fit in these rooms, who has a couple of teenagers, and two parents that enjoy beer and wine – it might.

If you go to Disney regularly, and don’t feel the need to get a dining plan, you can honestly make a meal out of all the food that is constantly available at Club Level. There is such a variety, and SO much to eat, readily available all the time. There’s also wine, beer, sodas, tea, and coffee readily available.

Again, I want to reiterate that staying at Club Level is not a cheap experience – but it might be something you should look into if you’re already planning on staying at a Deluxe Resort.