A One Day London Itinerary

So to be clear – one day isn’t enough to see everything you need to see in London. I mean, if it took Mary-Kate and Ashley a whole week, and they had that Lord guy to show them around, then it’s gonna take you some time too. But, if you don’t have a lot of time, or if you’re just in town for a quick stop on the way somewhere else, or for a layover, you can see and do a lot in a day. We’re sharing our perfect one-day itinerary for London, so you can at least hit the highlights if you only have time for a quick stop. 

-Start your day by grabbing a quick cuppa, and heading to Trafalgar Square. Spend some time in the Square, and then head over to Oxford Circus. 

-Spend some time shopping at Oxford Circus, and grab a photo in front of an iconic double-decker red bus. Duck into Said Chocolate for the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had. 

-Walk over to St. James Park, for some time at what we think is the prettiest park in London. 

-Enjoy the best fish and chips in London at the Mayfair Chippy for lunch. 

-Spend the afternoon seeing Buckingham Palace, then walking along the adjacent Green Park. 

-Head to the Borough Market and pursue the food stalls. 

-Have dinner at The Grazing Goat, our favorite Brittish Pub. 

-End your night at The London Eye and Big Ben, for an iconic London end to your evening.