A Letter from Us to You

We wanted to do something a little different this year, as we close 2018. Instead of writing about Disney, travel, or my favorite fashions, we wanted to just talk to you guys. We so appreciate the fact that you’ve shown up for us, consistently, over the past four years. You’ve read our words, and followed our adventures, and that means the world to us.

In some ways, 2018 feels like it’s become a punchline. You read a news story about a piano falling on a guys head, or an international shortage of cute puppies, and you automatically say ‘oh that’s so 2018’. I kind of hate that.I hate that a lack of hope is infectious – like a really bad flu, or that time when you were a kid, and everyone in 3rd grade would all get lice at the same time. I think that’s why shows like ‘Boy Meets World’, or it’s severely underrated sequel, ‘Girl Meets World’, have always been my favorite types of show. It’s the same reason I love the Disney Parks. I like hopeful things – I like places and things that broadcast a defiant message of cheerfulness and beauty, no matter what’s going on in the world.

In so many ways, that’s what you guys have shown us. You, with your light, and kindness, have shown us a defiant message of cheerfulness and beauty, no matter what’s going on in the world. I don’t want to pretend that things don’t feel heavy, or dark, in the world right now. But I believe that kindness is it’s own special kind of magic, that has the ability to change and altar the world. I know that you guys have that kindness, because I’ve seen it daily for so long now. As we enter a new year, we wanted to encourage you guys to protect that kindness, to not get tired in standing up for what’s good and right, and to keep being lights – no matter how dark the world feels.

We believe in you guys. And we believe in 2019, and the fact that hope, and kindness, can change the world for the better.