1 Day Epcot Itinerary

Epcot, was the second park to be added to Walt Disney World. It’s also one of our favorite parks, and should not be missed by anyone. Epcot, stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Sadly, Walt died before Epcot could be completed, but in his original vision he planned for it be be an actual city where people lived and worked. When he died, his brother Roy finished the park, and Epcot became the theme park we know it to be today.


1. Like you did the day before you need to get to the park at least 20 minutes before the scheduled opening time. Make sure to check before you go for extra magic hours and park operating times!

2. Once Epcot opens, you, and everyone else, will be headed to only one place – Soarin’. Fondly called the ‘Soarin’ Dash’ by park enthusiasts, this is the mad dash to get to the front of the line of Future Worlds biggest attraction. To participate in said dash, head straight to ‘The Land’, where Soarin’ is located once entering the park. ‘Soarin’ fanatics will tell you to go ahead and ride a couple of times while lines are short.

3. After you have your fill of Soarin’, head to Future World’s other E Ticket attraction, Test Track. If your family doesn’t mind being separated, we highly recommend the single rider line. It will cut your wait time in half, if not more. If you want to stick together, doing this ride early in the day will help keep the long lines at bay.

4. Have a high tolerance for motion sickness? If the answer is yes, then head over to Mission:Space and check it off your list. If you don’t, skip ahead to number 5.

5. Head back over to ‘The Land’ and ride our favorite boat ride – ‘Living With the Land’, where you’ll see them growing the produce they use at Sunshine Seasons Food Court. Grab some lunch at Sunshine Seasons after your boat ride and appreciate all you learned about their innovated growing methods. We highly recommend the Turkey Sandwich on Ciabatta or Tuna and Noodle Asian Salad.


6. After lunch, it’s time to head to the crown jewel of Epcot – World Showcase. Many people either drink or eat their way around the ‘World’, but we recommend a combination of both. For starter, World Showcase has both great beverages and food to offer and it would be a shame to miss either. Secondly, getting a drink at every country is challenging, not very family friendly, and might lead to behavior that would get you kicked out of the happiest place on earth.

7. When you get to the World Showcase entrance, turn left, and start your journey in Mexico. Head inside the Pyramid and browse the different stalls selling merchandise to your hearts content. There is also a boat ride in the pyramid, which we recommend skipping, as we aren’t huge fans and don’t find it to be worth the time on a fairly tight schedule. Make sure to stop at ‘La Cava del Tequila’ while in the pyramid. They have over 200 tequilas, and make the best margaritas I’ve ever tasted. You can drink them there, or take them to go, as you walk around the rest of World Showcase.

8. The next country is Norway, home of the future ‘Frozen Ever After’ ride, which we are sure will draw the longest lines Epcot has ever seen. For now though, your young one can check out the obscene amount of Frozen merchandise that has taken over the Norway gift shops. We endorse the bakery –  Kingla Bakeri Og Kafe, and its legendary ‘School Bread’, as your snack for this country.


9. You’ll come upon China next, which we think is one of the most beautiful of all the countries. There’s a great film here that you don’t want to miss, and keep your eyes peeled for Mulan, whose been known to wander around!

10. It’s always Oktoberfest in Epcot’s Germany, so make sure to grab a pint and some bratwurst. We also love to spend time in the Christmas shop that Germany offers year round – after all, the Christmas tree was invented in this country. Pick up some unique ornaments or nutcrackers as souvenirs, and if you’re staying at a Disney Resort, they’ll even send it back to your resort for you so that you don’t have to lug your purchases all over Epcot.

11. When you come upon Italy next, instead of heading straight into the country, head away from it, and down towards the water. Tied up on World Showcase Lagoon is several beautiful Venetian Gondolas that most people never see! Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is also not to be missed. Tucked in a back corner, this small wine bar does flights at a great value, and has an ambiance that will make you feel like you’re in Tuscany.


12. You’ll arrive to America next, which is probably the least visually interesting of all the countries. Despite its lack of visual appeal, it does house ‘The American Adventure’, which is one of our favorite shows at Disney World. If you’re there during the Holidays, America is where you will find the Candlelight Processional, which should not be missed!

13. Japan, home of our favorite World Showcase gift shops, lies next to America. Here you can find anything from bamboo, to kimonos. When wandering the gift shop, don’t miss the spirited pearl demonstrations they do, where workers find pearls in clams for jewelry for guests.

14. Are your kids dying to meet everyones favorite street rat? Well its a good thing that you’re in Morocco, where Aladdin and Jasmine are known to hang out. Just head straight to the back of the county to find them! Morocco also has some of the prettiest architecture in World Showcase. Take your time and meander through this country.


15. Ah, sweet Parie! Epcot’s France is modeled after the city of lights itself, with fountains, charming cobbled streets, and replica Eiffel Tower. France also has a not-to-be-missed movie, called ‘Impressions de France’. We highly recommend eating dinner in one of France’s three dinner options. If you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive meal, head to Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie for sandwiches, soups, salads, and pastries galore. If you’re looking for a sit-down option, check out ‘Les Chefs de France’, for good food, in a festive atmosphere that will transport you to a Parisian brassiere. For the true foodie, such as myself, head around back, to the hidden gem of World Showcase – ‘Monsieur Paul’. ‘Monsieur Paul’ is upscale, fine dining French food – and it’s not just my favorite restaurant in Walt Disney World, but my favorite restaurant anywhere.

16. After dinner, enjoy the lights coming on around World Showcase, and the different atmosphere and environment it brings. We always say that the parks are a completely different place at night. There’s something about all the different kinds of lighting that Disney has invested in that genuinely enhances the magic at night. Take your time and enjoy the difference.


17. The United Kingdom is neighbors with France, and it’s a great place to relax, especially at night. Grab a pint, and wander the gardens and tea shops for a while.

18. The best film in World Showcase is in Canada, the last country you need to check off your list. Its a Circle Vision 360 film, and has beautiful footage of Canada. Check out the replica Butchart Gardens, and the waterfalls tucked along the back paths.If you chose not to eat dinner in France, Le Cellier is a steakhouse with a cult following. We recommend the beer-cheese soup!

19. No day in Epcot is complete without a front row seat to Illuminations, the fantastic fireworks show the theme park puts on every night. Our favorite place to view the show is from the balcony of Mitsukoshi in Japan.

20. There is usually a grand exodus from the park as soon as Illuminations is over – but we encourage people to stay and wander a while. Go back and see any hidden corners of countries you might have missed, and enjoy the emptiness of the park!