Our Favorite Summer Date Night Ideas

There’s something about summer that makes me feel like the opening scene of High School Musical 2. I love hot weather, sundresses, and everything coconut scented. Growing up, I felt like my life was marked by summers. There’s something about that time of year that makes you feel like you could cram a whole year worth of change into one short season. I met David in the summer, I got married in the summer, I launched this blog in the summer – yeah, me and the warmer months go way back. Today, I’m sharing me and David’s favorite summer date nights, so you can feel like Sandy singing about her summer love.

-Hit an outdoor movie
Whether you’re lucky enough to live near a drive-in movie or hit up your local event pages for an outdoor showing, this is a tried and true summer date night. We always pack our favorite junk food (puffy Cheetos and cherry Coke anyone?), and take our comfy lawn chairs.

-Take advantage of the patio
Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t think food tastes better on a patio? I mean, there might be, but I’m not interested in having the kind of negativity in my life. One of my all-time favorite bumper stickers said ‘I’m outdoorsy in the fact that I like drinking on patios’.

-Go aquatic
Whether it’s heading to a neighborhood pool, going to a local swimming hole, or road tripping to the beach, one of my favorite summer dates involve sunscreen and swimsuits.

-Pack a picnic
We like to head to the prepared food section at Whole Foods and picking up a smorgasbord of goodies. It’s a lazy-man picnic, but is there anything fun about having to work for your date night?

-Roast some Smores
We bought a fire pit for our deck last year, and have had a ton of fun roasting smores out there together, or with friends.

-Head to the ballpark
I am not a baseball fan. But I am a fan of synthetic cheese and hot dogs, so to the nosebleeds, we’ll head for a summer date night.

-Get a cold treat
My favorite ice cream flavor in the world is Lavender Honey, and the fun purple color is perfect for summer. We love trying new, local ice cream shops and finding flavors we never would have thought of.