Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Guide 2015

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is our favorite hard ticket event that Disney World offers each year. Maybe it’s the continuous snow falling on Main Street, or the over-all festive feeling, or the fact that it’s the ONLY TIME of the year that you can meet the Country Bears in person, but it’s an event like no other. Many people wonder if it’s an event worth paying for, when you can get into the parks with your park ticket and not have to pay extra. We think it’s worth it, because of all the extra entertainment that’s offered that you cannot experience unless you are there during Christmas week, or the week after. We never recommend going to the park during those two weeks, as it’s wall to wall people, and might lead to a nervous breakdown and an eye twitch that will never go away. We think choosing to go earlier in the year and paying for a ticket to MVMCP is a small price to pay to avoid some of the crowds. Below, we’ve highlighted some of what you’ll find this year at the party so you can decide if it’s worth it for you and your family to attend.


Character Meet and Greets

During MVMCP, you will find rare characters, like all seven dwarfs from Snow White, and Jack Skellington, who’s new to the party this year. You will also find the big five in holiday outfits, as well as Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, and a Reindeer from the parade. If meeting characters is a priority, get in line for them BEFORE the party starts at 7. The seven drawfs and Jack draw the biggest lines, so they should be the first ones you try to see.


Complimentary Treats

When you’re at MVMCP (Disney fans use a lot of acronyms. We’re strange people), you will see giant, blown-up candy canes scattered throughout the park. They aren’t just festive decor, but a symbol of a place that you can get complimentary cookies and cocoa. We’re always surprised at the quality of the snickerdoodles and cocoa that they pass out – they could easily get away with giving out terrible stuff, but they don’t. Even if you aren’t a big sweets person, you should at least try the complimentary treats.


Party Merch

If you’re a huge Disney fan, you might want to buy some of the exclusive party merchandise thats available. They have everything from ornaments, collectors pins, to t-shirts. They even have special items that are only available to annual passholders, if elitism is your thing.



There are a couple of shows at MVMCP, most notably (meaning our favorite) is ‘Celebrate the Season’. We love it because of its nostalgic Holiday feel, great music, castle backdrop, and the fact that the show features the big five. The show runs three different times during the party, and we like to catch the last showing, as it’s considerably easier to get a good view.


Castle Lighting

You can watch Elsa turning Cinderella’s Castle to ice anytime of the Holiday season, but it’s a nice way to start your party off, and get your evening off to a festive start. If you have Frozen-obsessed children with you, chalk it up to a not to be missed.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Time Parade

This is our favorite parade that Disney World does. We love the music, we love the Holiday atmosphere, we love the snow falling on Main Street while we watch it. To us, this parade is perfect, in a sign holding, Love Actually, kind of way. There are two showings during each party, and we recommend staking out your place on Main Street early, and watching both shows.


Christmas Wishes

They do a whole new fireworks show for the Holidays at The Magic Kingdom, that they also show at MVMCP. This is a fantastic fireworks show, featuring Holiday music, where they even do fireworks that make the castle look like a Christmas tree. The best place to watch the show is from Main Street.


Christmas Celebrate the Magic

For Christmas Celebrate the Magic, they play the regular show, and then add a Holiday tag, a la the Holiday tag for Illuminations. The Holiday tag is really cool, and includes turning the castle into a Gingerbread House and a Candy Cane, via projections.


Country Bears

Unfortunately, The Country Bear Jamboree seems to be a Magic Kingdom treasure whose humor and satire is lost on many. The Country Bears have become a caliber that we use to judge other people’s senses of humor. The MVMCP not only offers a rare chance to meet to Country Bears, but also a chance to have a dance party with them. Is there anything better than doing to cupid shuffle with the Country Bears?


Snow on Main Street

Snow falls fairly continually throughout the night during MVMCP, which combined with the special red and green projections on the buildings, makes the night even more magical. It’s a small touch, with a large impact.

We love Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and think it’s worth the extra money you have to spend to purchase your hard ticket. It’s a fantastic experience, whether you choose to do it once, or make it a part of your family’s yearly Holiday traditions.